What are the best exercises against stuttering?

Stottertherapie en ademtraining met de Del Ferro methode

Stuttering has its ups and downs. There are days or periods when a person speaks more fluently than at other times, which often leads to frustration and uncertainty about whether stuttering will occur. In the quest for improvement, many try different exercises and solutions, but the disappointment is great when these prove ineffective in practice. This changes when someone comes into contact with the Del Ferro method.

Del Ferro method

The Del Ferro method is known for its effectiveness. Developed in 1978 by US opera singer Len Del Ferro, for more than 40 years this method has proven to provide a scientifically-based solution for anyone motivated to get rid of stuttering.

The cause of stuttering lies in the unfluent movement of the diaphragm, which leads to an interrupted airflow towards the vocal cords and hence interrupted speech. The Del Ferro method teaches you to take control of your diaphragm and the way it moves while speaking.

From the first day of the method, fluency in speech is immediate. The method is divided into 5 stages, gradually building up the technique and reducing the necessary steps. This leads to a systematic approach towards speaking fluently out of habit, free of stuttering and the fear of stuttering.

Best exercises against stuttering

The Del Ferro method is a speaking technique that you use over a period of time in your life until speaking becomes automatic. In addition to the technique itself, the process uses breathing exercises with seven different purposes that will help you on your way to your goal of speaking freely and fluently.

Beyond the physical aspect, considerable attention is also paid to the mental part of stuttering. Negative experiences in certain situations can lead to the development of speech anxiety. Applying the technique and thus speaking fluently during these challenges is considered a success. This success helps grow self-confidence and reduce insecurities. Step by step, speaking fears are reduced until they disappear completely.

Practical exercises

Exercise is essential. This means: speak, speak, speak. In today’s age, it is easy to manage a lot without speaking. Groceries, food and products can all be ordered online, and self-scanning checkouts are available in supermarkets for ‘convenience’ and speed. During this process, it is important to think creatively. For example, call to order a pizza, ask at the supermarket for the location of a product or organise activities for family, friends and/or your partner. This will help you learn to speak fluently in any situation.

Going through the Del Ferro process is an investment in yourself, your time and your energy. Experiencing fluency in speaking gives such a boost that learners take advantage of everything to improve themselves. By working intensively at one stage, you reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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