Uncertainty stuttering

Stottertherapie en ademtraining met de Del Ferro methode

Many people who stutter have moments of fluent speech, such as when talking to animals or having a "good" day. Some stutter severely, but nothing of their speech problem is apparent during a lecture. Acting also seems to go well for many who stutter, probably because it allows them to play a role.

Stuttering manifests itself in as many ways as there are stutterers, each with their unique challenges and comfort zones. Nevertheless, many share the same experiences and emotions that stuttering brings, especially its physical origins. The Del Ferro method strives to address this fundamental problem.

Stuttering due to tension

Emotions play a significant role in the frequency and intensity of stuttering. In general, people experience more stuttering under the influence of tension and nerves, often linked to specific situations. Different emotions can both exacerbate and reduce stuttering.

Some individuals become completely blocked when angry, while others speak fluently in such emotional states. It is a well-known phenomenon that children stutter more when they are very excited. Parents and trainees often report that stuttering intensifies during festive periods such as holidays and birthdays.

Stuttering in certain situations

Specific situations can exacerbate stuttering, often due to the tension and nerves experienced as a challenge approaches.

Typical examples where more tension occurs include making presentations or speaking engagements, speaking in front of a large group, introducing yourself, reading aloud, and talking on the phone. In such situations, increased stuttering leads to growing insecurities and speaking anxiety. Often the nerves begin well before the actual moment of the event.

Stuttering at certain letters and words

People who stutter often experience fear of specific letters, words and sounds. This anxiety arises because they had difficulty with certain sounds in the past, which led to the building of speech anxiety. To get around this, they sometimes use tricks or synonyms, which they either integrate into their speech by default or apply ad hoc.

This uncertainty sometimes results in people ordering something other than what they actually want. For example, there are students who did not order Coke for years because of their struggle with the “k” sound. Pointing out dishes on the menu or ordering the same as a tablemate are strategies that many stutterers may recognize.

Stuttering in certain people

A person who stutters is often concerned about the impression he or she makes on the interlocutor, fearing disapproval or being ridiculed. This fear of negative judgment can trigger intense physical reactions such as palpitations, sweating, general tension and accelerated breathing. The physical exhaustion level of people who stutter can be similar to that of a marathon runner just from the effort of speaking.

Insecurities may also be specifically related to certain people, such as those in a higher hierarchical position or those with whom one wants to make a good impression. The degree of stuttering varies by individual and situation, with family and friends one often feels more comfortable and relaxed, which can reduce stuttering. In others, the effect can be just the opposite, and one stutters more.

Resolving uncertainty stuttering

The Del Ferro method is a speaking technique that allows one to pronounce every word fluently in any context, in front of any person and regardless of emotions. Students learn a unique technique that enables them to speak fluently immediately.

Experiencing successful fluency in speaking, even under pressure, increases self-confidence and reduces insecurities, eliminating speaking fears. Del Ferro strives to completely eliminate speaking anxiety so that fluent speaking without stuttering becomes a natural habit.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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