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The method

What is the Del Ferro Method?

The Del Ferro Method was developed in 1978 by Opera Singer Leonard del Ferro (1921-1992).

As a singing teacher, Del Ferro was fascinated by the fact that stutterers who sing, do not stutter. After extensive research, he was able to develop an amazingly simple, yet effective method that has been scientifically verified in enabling people to overcome their stuttering problem.

Over the last 40 years, the method has been developed to help people lose the fear of speaking and break free from the mental prison and social isolation that stuttering causes. Leonard’s daughter, Ingrid del Ferro, now runs the Del Ferro Institute and is carrying out her father’s legacy as she and her team continue to help change the lives of thousands of people.

The diaphragm

The method focusses on the diaphragm, a crucial muscle when it comes to our breathing and speaking. This muscle does not move smoothly during a stutter, causing disfluency in our speech. The unique Del Ferro Method ensures that the diaphragm moves smoothly and controlled, resulting in fluent speech. 

Motivation and a dedicated application of the Del Ferro Method will help your speech become and stay fluent. After a while, you will no longer need to do the Del Ferro exercises as you will be able to speak fluent in any situation, automatically.

Most of our instructors used to stutter themselves and have successfully overcome their stuttering problem with the help of the Del Ferro Method. They will guide you through the speaking technique and essential breathing exercises, as well as help you overcome your fear of speaking and achieve fluency. 

During the course the participants will learn to apply the method in day-to-day situations that can be very challenging and anxiety inducing for a person who stutters such as, conversations, phone calls, reading out loud, placing an order in restaurants/bars, giving a speech, etc. 

Want to learn the Del Ferro Method? Sign up for our 5-day course and learn how to become free from your stuttering problem. 

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Research results;

Stuttering can be overcome completely
Research confirmed; stuttering can be overcome completely. In the past two years, a survey of 280 students has been conducted to measure the impact of the Del Ferro method on fluency. 88% of respondents reported moderate to intensive stuttering before the course started. After attending Del Ferro training, 94% of all students spoke fluently!

Speaking fluent boosts self-confidence
We offer more than just a tool to overcome stuttering. A two-year study over 280 students in two years found that, although 66% of people had little self-confidence when starting the Del Ferro course, 74% had developed a high self-confidence after completing the 5-day course. At Del Ferro, in addition to the physical cause of stuttering, we also work on the mental consequences and resilience of our students. The result: confident speaking without fear of speaking!

Fears of speaking disappear
People who stutter often suffer from fear of public speaking. The study showed that 86% of the 280 respondents experienced a fear of public speaking before the Del Ferro course. At the end of the course, a total of 89% of the students had less fear of speaking or no fear at all when speaking.

Scientifically verified

Neurologist Dr.J.C.J van Hemert was the first to test del Ferro’s hypothesis in 1978. Since then several times, scientifically, it’s concluded that The Del Ferro Method can solve stuttering effectively. Professor Peter T. Macklem (+) of the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, one of the most renowned specialists in the field of lung physiology and the diaphragm, confirmed the conclusion of Del Ferro already in 1990.

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