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The method

The method explained in more detail.

The Del Ferro Method is founded in 1978 and is for more than 35 years a unique, scientifically verified method for everyone who stutters and who is motivated to overcome the stutterproblem. It is an extremely efficient training to overcome stuttering, the fear for letters, words, situations and people permanently.


The method helps against every form of stuttering like stammering, faltering, botching and the occasional stutter.

Because of the direct result your self-confidence gets a boost and the fear to speak will be conquered.

Themes like developing a positive self-image, the opinion of other people and the training of concentration are on the agenda.

The method aims on the solution of the stutterproblem and not the acceptance. The specific Del Ferro diaphragm training is the fundamental component of the course.

Another aspect is the mental part like solving the social-emotional problems which can be a result of stuttering. In the meanwhile The Del Ferro Method has helped thousands of people, worldwide, to live a life without stuttering and proves that everyone, regardless of age, can get rid of the problem.

More than 35 years of experience.

The founder of diaphragm breathing against stuttering.

Compensated by health insurances.

Scientifically proven.

Internationally known.

A unique method.


The contents of the training

The training is given by officially educated Del Ferro teachers. Many of whom have stuttered and have conquered stuttering by using the Del Ferro Method themselves. Next to overcoming the stutterproblem, the finishing of fear and the construction of self-confidence, it is especially a very practical training in which fluent speech is trained intense.

The Del Ferro Method is built up in 2 phases

In level 1 you learn the basic Del Ferro technique and situations are trained like making a telephone call, read out loud, having conversations, speeches and giving presentations. You undertake all the speech situations in which you could have stuttered in the past. Guaranteed that all these situations will be fluent by means of the Del Ferro technique! Of course there is being given an extended attention to the Del ferro breathing technique.


The technique is not only trained during the day but also after the lessons at the end of every course day. A big advantage of this is that you exercise in ordinary situations in which you stuttered before. In this manner the fear to speak and avoidance changes into self-assured and purposeful behaviour so that self-confidence gets a boost by the day. You can participate the course in a group but there is also a possibility for our private training.

In level 2 you get insights in your own behaviour and the technique is being brushed up. Level 2 emphases on the mental aspect. You can have fear of failure or you can have a doubt whether you are going to succeed or not. Perhaps you are to occupied being interested in the opinion of other people or you are too hard on yourself. You learn how to rely on yourself even more so that you keep on speaking fluent in every situation with confidence.

In level 2 you get your lessons from Eva Wolf. Eva is a psychosocial therapist, NLP-master and mindfulness trainer.

In addition The Del Ferro Method has the advantage that the physical condition and endurance is  being improved. It has a very positive effect on the psysical condition and recoverance during psysical strain of athletes. Due to this technique the lactic acid level in the blood actually reduces. Because of this you feel less rapidly tired and you recover faster after a psysical strain. The Del Ferro Method is also the solution for burnout symptoms, hyperventilation and other breathing related problems.


Founder: Len Del Ferro

The Del Ferro Method is developed, in 1978, by Leonard(Len) Del Ferro. After his career Len settles down in Amsterdam as a singing teacher. He gives singing lessons for known Dutch singers and develops himself as the first mental coach in The Netherlands. He combines the diaphragm-breathingtechnique with mental coaching and the training of concentration.

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Scientific articles

It is scientifically proven that this method offers the solution for every form of stuttering. Meanwhile The Del Ferro Method has helped thousands of people, worldwide, to live a life free of stuttering.

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