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General conditions

General conditions of the Del Ferro Institute B.V.



Del Ferro: the private company Del Ferro Institute B.V.; Participant: the student who participates in the course, or his/her Legal representative; Course: a course arranged by Del Ferro, including any aftercare days; Teacher: he/she who takes care of the course on behalf or Del Ferro, whether or not employed by the company.


These general conditions apply to all offers and agreements provided or entered into by Del Ferro. Deviations can only be agreed in writing. Only agreements that have been agreed in writing. made by participants with employees of Del Ferro, are binding to Del Ferro. If any provision of these general conditions is or becomes fully or partially in conflict with any provision of mandatory Law, the other provisions remain in full effect.


All offers of Del Ferro are without obligation unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Agreements are formed when Del Ferro has confirmed the registration of the participant for the course in writing. Registration occurs in order of application.


The agreement is entered into for the duration of the course and ends automatically.Del Ferro may end the agreement without notice, in case of compelling reasons, for instance if the participant does not meet his commitment obligations or has complaints that are not to be treated by Del Ferro.


The participant is obligated to get informed about the course and the Del Ferro prior to participation, by at least learning about the general information provided by Del Ferro, for instance on information days.The participant commits to participate actively in the course and to comply with the requirements or directions provided.


All prices apply per participant and include VAT. The material required for the course is included, such as a work book and a DVD. Expenses for the accommodation in Amsterdam are not included. Lunch and dinner are consumed together with the other students, at ones own expense as a compulsory part of the course.If and insofar the health insurer fully or partially reimburses the expenses of a course, the participant is the one who takes care of declaring these expenses at the insurance company.


Payment of the course needs to occur at the latest 1 months prior to the start of the course, after which the participant receives a receipt. In case of non-timely (full) payment, the participant is denied access to the course.


Cancellation is free of charge up until 1 month prior to the start. In case of cancellation within one month until one week prior to the start, the participant is due 60% of the tuition and in case of cancellation within one week prior to the start, 100%.In case of insufficient participants, Del Ferro can (partially) cancel the course up until 7 days prior to the start and in case of special circumstances on an even shorter notice. Participants will receive timely notification of this. The tuition already paid will be reimbursed, unless a new course date is determined in consultation with the participant.In no case, the participant, who prematurely terminates a course that already started, is entitled to a (partial) refund of the tuition.If necessary, Del Ferro can replace her teachers, relocate to a different accommodation, deviate from the maximum group size and / or the number of assisting teachers. Participants will receive notification of this as soon as possible.


Except in case of intent or gross neglect, Del Ferro is not liable for any damage including consequential damage suffered by the participant as the result of any actions or negligence of Del Ferro or her subordinates or third parties enabled by her. In case Del Ferro is unable to implement an agreement due to Force Majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Del Ferro can, to her own discretion, postpone the implementation for the duration of the impediment or dissolute the agreement, without being held to any compensation of damage. Force Majeure includes a failure in the performance of third parties enabled by Del Ferro, whether or not attributable. Any complaints or damage needs to be reported to Del Ferro in writing as soon as possible, however at the latest within 8, respectively 30 days after it emerges or becomes known. Failure thereof will result in non-consideration of the complaint, respectively the damage not being eligible for reimbursement. All legal claims based on any damage will expire in any case after one year has passed.


Del Ferro is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, the copyright and trademarks that rest on or arise from the Del Ferro method and the works created by or on behalf of Del Ferro, in which this method has been deposited, including, but not limited to, the course books.The copyrights and neighboring rights to video- and/or audio footage taken of the participant during the course, are fully owned by Del Ferro and these rights are hereby fully transferred to Del Ferro in advance.The participant is explicitly not allowed to pass on the Del Ferro method, nor for business or private purposes, nor is he/she allowed to exploit them commercially, in full or in part.


Participants will observe complete confidentiality in respect of the Del Ferro method and confidential information they learn about the other participants. The personal information of the participants are treated as strictly confidential by Del Ferro and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


To these general conditions and agreements entered into between parties, Dutch Law exclusively applies. The court in Amsterdam is exclusively authorized to rule on any disputes.

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