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Success stories



Monday is your 8th day. Just 2 days to go and you will finally be a former stutterer! Last night I had the honor to spend the evening with a (you can REALLY say it now) former stutterer – and the sweetest man on earth, namely my own – André. I was really impressed by the effectiveness of the method of which he told me everything (!!) (completed by what I have read on the website). I would like to share with you that I respect all of you very much. Respect for Patrick, who moved all of them with his life story, but foremost I respect all of you, the 12 students. You do have the courage to leave everything behind for ten days, have yourself ‘locked up’ with a bunch of strangers and surrender yourselves to this method. That shows that you have great will-power and a strong personality; that is for sure. I – by chance – spoke to two other people of the group for a short while. I respect them very much as well. Their speech was so fluent and they were not ashamed at all for using their hands during speech a little bit. Both the will and the liberation were visible in your eyes! I found that so impressive! All of these experiences are going through my mind all day long. Although I don’t stutter myself, all of this has touched me deeply. I really felt the need to put new hearts into you and I wish you all good, good luck and of course great fun during the last 2.5 days of the course and after that. Have faith in yourself and just be who you are.

Lots of love, Margreet Koster

Margreet Koster • 10 day course