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Success stories

This is Michal from Slovakia


Im sending to you my evaluation from 10 day course dated 28.10.1013.

I spend a lot of time trying to ged rid of my stutter problem. I visited many years a logopedy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy etc. But all methods brang me just small progress. After all, I choosed Del Ferro institute as my last chance to improve my speech. Honestly, Del Ferro Method is not easy to practice.

It is easy to learn, but I some times I is a challenge to practice it continually. But I like to seek for challenges. This method opened me new horisonts. I achieved first success, when I dare to speak with unknown people. Since first success I found new hobby. Looking for challenges! Today, I do not care about failure. Because I can win every day. With Del Ferro Method. Thank you all to change my live.

When i came home, my parents ware very surprised. All my friends can recognize, that something has changed. People in my work started to listen me more, and I can feel respect from them. the is a lot of work before me, but knowingly controlling of diaphragma is only way how to speak fluently.

Looking forward to visit you again.

Best regards, Michal

Michal • 10 day course