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Success stories

Life with and without a stutter problem


by Ruud Janssens

From the age of six onwards I have had a stutter problem.

In school, with friends, at the soccer club, in stores, out on the street, family, festivities, all of these were situations in which the fear to stutter came first. Luckily they did not bully me, but I personally did have a lot of problems with it

In hospitals I have been examined, without results, on impediments of the brain function and other physical handicaps. From primary school onwards I have had “help” in the form of speech therapy, reading classes with a timekeeper and speech lessons in groups. Nothing has lead to the solution of my stutter problem.

What I did learn was to use tricks, the use of synonyms as a way to hide my problem. Some of my friends and acquaintances did not even know that I stuttered. Even my mother thought that I had “overcome” my problem years ago. My problem was certainly situation specific. For myself I wanted to be able to speak fluently in all situations. After having lived with a stutter problem for over 40 years I wanted to end this problem once and for all.

In early May I did the intensive 10-day stutter therapy at the Del Ferro Institute. After a theoretic explanation about the causes of stuttering, the problem of stuttering is dealt with from the first day onwards. It is amazing how fast the result is obtained. You do need to be motivated for 100%, have the right mind-set and be consistent in doing what the teachers tell you to do. You use a speech technique according to the Del Ferro method, but from that moment on your stuttering is a part of the past. You use this technique for a couple of months to break with your old habit. Speaking fluently becomes a new automatism.

The freedom and change this has brought me personally are just unbelievable!!

I realized just after the course how big my problem had been.

Without stuttering everything you do in life is much easier. No fear of saying something, for voicing your opinion, order something, ask a question, start a conversation, call someone on the phone, have a small-talk, and I could go on for a while like this.

You don’t have to wriggle anymore, use tricks, remember a bucket full of synonyms, change sentences, abstain from comments, use sign language and so on just to say a sentence without stuttering.

What a relief, what a peace, what a silence, what a joy, how fantastic to speak everywhere and always without fear of letters, words, sentences, persons and situations.

What a great discovery underlies the development of the Del Ferro method.

My life took a turn for the good. This turn can be reached by anyone with a stutter problem with the help of this course.

Ruud Janssens

Ruud Janssens • 10 day course

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