Stuttering in adults

Stottertherapie en ademtraining met de Del Ferro methode

Stuttering in adults is often seen as a complex problem, but with the Del Ferro method, a stutter-free life is attainable regardless of age. Stuttering usually manifests itself between the ages of two and six and can result from both positive and negative emotional events. In some cases, stuttering disappears naturally as children get older.

Stuttering in adults

However, sometimes stuttering does not develop until adulthood, often after an emotional trauma such as a serious accident or a sad family event. The insecurities of adolescence can also trigger stuttering. In addition, stuttering that was previously hidden may become more evident in new situations such as a job change that requires more verbal communication, or when speaking in a foreign language.

Stuttering can hinder adults from pursuing their dream jobs or fully realizing their professional potential. The fear of job interviews and not being able to perform certain tasks adequately are often obstacles.

Stuttering adults: job interview

In a job interview, everyone experiences tension. It is up to the applicant to convince the employer. The stakes are high: future, income and the chance to perform a job where one’s ambition and passion lies.

For an applicant with a stuttering problem, getting the message across and explaining one’s own added value to the employer becomes more challenging. Answers often do not come across well even when the knowledge is there, or answers remain short because it is difficult to pronounce them.

When there are several candidates with similar qualifications, an employer often tends to favor someone who speaks fluently, and thus can represent the company well, over someone who stutters.

Fear of the interview and concern about introducing themselves to new colleagues are often reasons for adults who stutter not to change jobs, preventing them from making the most of their careers.

The Del Ferro method offers a path to fluent speaking, allowing new opportunities in life to be seized.

Stuttering adults: dream job

As children, many may have dreamed of becoming pilots, police officers or paramedics later. Stuttering, however, is often an obstacle to realizing these dreams. The barrier may be internal, stemming from the belief that pursuing these dreams is impossible, or external, due to the requirement of strong communication skills by employers.

Adults who stutter often choose professions that require minimal verbal communication. They excel at crafts or spend a lot of time at the computer. The question arises, however, whether this really matches their passion.

The pursuit of dreams acts as a strong motivator to overcome stuttering. The Del Ferro method not only provides a solution to the stuttering problem, but also improves the articulation and intonation of speech. Moreover, it strengthens discipline and perseverance to achieve all set goals.

Stuttering adults: current work

Stuttering can hinder adults from performing their current jobs, advancing within a company or forming social contacts at work.

When collaborating in a team on a project to be presented to management, stuttering employees often leave the presentation to colleagues because of their fear of stuttering. Although teamwork is excellent, colleagues get the recognition and come into the crosshairs of management.

During meetings, where ideas are exchanged about new projects, stuttering employees keep their ideas or hunches to themselves for fear of stuttering. Their contribution to the company goes unnoticed because they cannot express themselves.

Sometimes they dodge questions by offering to get back to them via email. A promotion or transfer is often rejected by the stuttering employee because of the fear of new, unfamiliar environments or additional communicative tasks, preferring to stay in their familiar place where they feel most comfortable.

Social activities such as welcoming new colleagues, departmental outings or Christmas drinks are often avoided, hindering the building of social bonds with colleagues. Effective communication and shared interests are essential for good collaboration.

The application of the Del Ferro method results in a stuttering adult being able to speak fluently and express themselves. Colleagues show respect and understanding for personal growth and appreciate visible progress. This allows them to get to know a colleague who can speak as fluently as they do, which contributes to a more positive work environment.

How to fix stuttering in adults

While young children sometimes naturally grow over their stuttering, stuttering in adults usually does not disappear without help. Overcoming stuttering in adults is possible by teaching an effective speaking technique, combined with reducing speaking anxiety and increasing self-confidence.

The Del Ferro method focuses on eliminating stuttering, not simply accepting it. Central to the method is the specific training of the diaphragm. Attention is also paid to the mental aspect, such as addressing the social-emotional challenges that stuttering can present. The Del Ferro method has helped thousands of people worldwide to a stutter-free life and demonstrates that anyone, regardless of age, can be permanently cured of stuttering.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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