Stutter therapy: what is the difference between Del Ferro & speech therapy?

Stottertherapie en ademtraining met de Del Ferro methode

Speech therapists treat a wide range of conditions related to personal communication, voice, language, speech, hearing, stuttering and swallowing. A specialization has developed within speech therapy that focuses exclusively on stuttering.

This specialization is based on the belief that stuttering has primarily a psychological origin, and treatment is therefore primarily focused on this aspect. The general assumption within speech therapy is that stuttering cannot be completely cured, so the focus is on learning to live with and accept stuttering. It is not uncommon for patients to be told that they cannot get rid of their stuttering, a message that can be extremely disappointing for both the stutterer themselves and the parents of stuttering children.

Stuttering due to tension

The speech therapy approach suggests that acceptance of stuttering may lead to reduced tension during speaking, which in turn could reduce stuttering. However, in practice, this approach often proves ineffective, as stuttering is usually accompanied by speaking anxiety and tension that actually perpetuate stuttering.

Some speech therapists teach techniques such as lengthening sounds or conscious stuttering. It is even recommended that parents stutter along with their child to avoid embarrassment.

The choice to learn to cope with stuttering or to get rid of it completely lies with the individual. Depending on this preference, specific care can be sought. For those who want to overcome their stuttering, the Del Ferro method offers an effective solution.

Stutter therapy Del Ferro method

Developed in 1978 by American opera singer Len Del Ferro, the Del Ferro method introduced a new approach to stutter therapy in the Netherlands. The method focuses on eliminating stuttering, not accepting it. Training the diaphragm is the core of the method, supplemented by attention to mental aspects such as overcoming speaking anxiety, building self-confidence and developing inner peace.

During the course, students learn a speaking technique that eliminates stuttering from day one. This technique provides complete control over speaking and is refined throughout the course for dexterity and speed. Much attention is paid to the mental aspects and through practical experience the belief in the possibility of getting rid of stuttering completely grows.

Examples of ex-stutterers

Stuttering affects more than just speaking; it can affect behavior and life choices. The teachers at Del Ferro, who have stuttered themselves and become stutter-free through the method, are living proof that a stutter-free life is possible. Their experience and success inspire trainees and demonstrate that anyone, regardless of age, can be cured of stuttering.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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