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Privacy statement

Del Ferro Institute B.V. is the institute for stuttering therapy and breathing training. We reach many people through our websites: and www, We also send newsletters full of inspiration. In doing so, we process personal data in various ways. We take your privacy very seriously. On this page, we explain to you as clearly as possible exactly what this means, why we do this and what rights you can exercise.

Since most companies’ privacy statements are drafted in incomprehensible lawyerly language, we have listed the most important points for you here in (more or less) plain English. Pretty handy that we ourselves understand what we are promising you, right? If anything is still unclear, please feel free to email us.

We would like to offer you a beautiful website full of inspiration that meets your expectations. To make this happen, we use website analytics tools, social plugins and advertising platforms.

Our website uses Google Analytics and similar website analytics tools. These programmes record your website usage and store data about it. We use this data to create traffic statistics about our website and use them to make improvements.

Like almost all websites you visit, we use cookies. We use functional cookies to make our website work better, analytical cookies provide a better user experience and tracking cookies show us what our website visitors are doing on our website. This data can also be used to offer ads. To visit our website, we ask you to agree to these cookies, as we are required to do so. No worries! Cookies don’t do anything to you and kind of belong on websites. Third-party cookies are also needed to display videos on our websites or to ensure you can share information on social media. You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser to stop storing cookies. In addition, you can also delete any information previously stored via your browser’s settings. You can also install a browser plugin such as Privacy Badger to block (certain) cookies.

Our website uses the Facebook Pixel. This keeps track of which pages you visit on our website. The Facebook Pixel ensures that you see relevant content from Del Ferro on Facebook and that our ads are better tailored to your needs. That way, we can serve you better online. You can share our articles via various social media via so-called ‘social plug-ins’. Use of these social media is subject to their terms and conditions and privacy policy.


We will only email you if you have filled in a form from us yourself. In doing so, we only ask for the necessary data. Before we can send you anything, we will ask for your name and e-mail address. We use your name to personalise the mail, the e-mail address is necessary to send the mail. Without these details, we cannot email you.

When you subscribe to one of our newsletter lists, you will receive regular emails based on your personal preferences and interests.

When you register for one of our courses or products, we may email you with information regarding the course or product. We will not send you any messages that are not related to the course or product you have enrolled. If you want to receive other content later, you can consent to this yourself by opting in through one of our channels (including our website or e-mail).

Your data will end up in the Mailchimp programme after your registration.

Your privacy

The tool we use for website analytics (Google Analytics) does not store full ip addresses. This is nice, because it means that this data cannot be traced back to your computer, tablet or phone. We do send data to Facebook for marketing purposes. By the way, we only do this when you have given your consent via the ‘cookie banner’ at the bottom of the page.

When you visit our website, we do not ask you to fill in your details by default. For sending e-mail messages, we never ask for more information than necessary. We never give or sell your information to other parties and the information we collect is safe with us.

We take the protection of your data very seriously. We take necessary measures to prevent misuse, loss or access by third parties. Should a data breach occur despite all our efforts, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and contact data subjects.

You can read Google and Facebook’s privacy policies for more information on their privacy policies.


If you are in our mailing system, we store your name and e-mail address with care. If you have unsubscribed from our email list, we will ensure that your details are removed from our systems within 100 days.

Your rights

You always have the right to ask us for access to the data we hold on you. You can also ask us to change or delete this data. In addition, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) gives you the right to file a complaint about Del Ferro with the Personal Data Authority if you disagree with the way we (have) handled your personal data.

In conclusion

Should you have any questions or wish to make a request after the above, we would love to hear from you. Email

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