On the Sunday after the 5-day Del Ferro course, I talked more in one day than ever before

Marco • 2024

What a weekend!

Friday after coming home from 5-day stutter therapy, I had to go shopping right away. At the checkout, I tried to time myself to go to the exhalation exactly when greeting. It seemed to work, only at exactly my timing the cashier went to say something to the previous customer. As a result, she greeted me right before my break.

I just nodded and tried to find other timing. It didn’t work at all, so I just nodded everything. I thought it was a negative experience and for a moment felt as trapped as ever. But soon I was able to get that off my chest.

The same evening I went to practice reading aloud, which I also filmed. It went super smooth, which was really the biggest win of the whole course for me. Reading aloud was always my worst nightmare, with 5 to 6 stutters per sentence and after 3 sentences I almost choked. Even alone I never succeeded.

I still can’t quite put into words how the Del Ferro method freed me. And I thank God in Jesus name that I am totally freed from the constriction and imprisonment of stuttering.

After analyzing my recordings of reading aloud, I started focusing more on speaking louder and articulating even more clearly. In the recording, my lips still seemed almost stationary.

I now practice the Del Ferro Method Phase 4 a lot at home by speaking out loud Bible verses I know by heart. I film those, too. Speaking louder and articulation are also my focuses here.

Last Saturday, I did a lot of reading aloud at home and practicing Phase 4 with the camera on.

Friday night, by the way, I realized: I am forgetting what difficult words and sentence structures were. Wow!

Sunday I went to church and talked an awful lot with brothers and sisters. Some I first explained what the Del Ferro method is. I had to stop talking 10-12 times that day. I lost count, but I’ve also never talked so much in one day.

By the way, I notice with gospel singing along, my voice sounds much louder and more powerful. With singing I had quite a cracking voice, not anymore.

On Monday, I am going to read a piece aloud to about 20 people at my church’s connect group. I plan to read a bit aloud from the Bible during the church service next Sunday.

Thanks again for your help in overcoming stuttering and every time I testify about overcoming stuttering, I will mention the Del Ferro method!

A great experience for our students every Monday morning. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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