Normal speaking was my dream

Loes - 55 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

Everyone knew me as Loes who has a stuttering problem. My whole life has looked like this. As a child, I didn’t think much about this until I got older and started paying more conscious attention to people around me speaking normally… That was my dream!

Not having to stutter anymore, not being laughed at by my grandchildren, being understood normally by the people around me, being able to speak normally in a taxi. In short, be able to go through life normally.

I had visited a speech therapist before, but over time, I felt that did not give enough satisfaction. 6 weeks ago, I started to delve more into my problem as I became increasingly aware that things could and should be different. In my life, I became increasingly emotional, increasingly unhappy, avoiding problems, even inventing all kinds of techniques and tricks.

Until the conscious moment when I took the step to request an information session at Del Ferro. The first big step in my life. How proud I felt. I was going to tackle my stuttering problem.

The big day arrived on October 3. How proud I felt to attend 5 days of a special course. Once inside, I saw 5 fellow students (did they all have the same problem too?). From the looks of it, I didn’t see anything about them. But unfortunately, like me, the same problem.

We had 5 intense days, lots of laughter about each other’s tricks, shared emotions, received reactions from course leader Dennis when you went wrong. From day 1, I was stutter-free. Now five days later: stutter-free. We successfully completed the course.

How liberated we felt, no more course, no more learning technique. No more being corrected when you go wrong, no more seeing my amazing fellow students (what a strong bond you build with each other). I thought I was done. Go through life stutter-free. But right now it is starting for us!

Saturday, October 8, I went home. At home, emotions began to set in. I saw that there were 2 big bunches of flowers, 2 great cards with sweet texts about me being a topper. But believe me dear people that the work for me is just beginning now.

I have yet to apply the technique for some time. The course is not yet finished. For me, that means learning to control my breathing before speaking.

What is very normal for everyone else still takes time for me to start speaking normally too. I hope everyone will give me that time and understanding I need to also start speaking normally like all of you.

A great experience for our students every Monday morning. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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