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Daniel does not stutter and talks about his experiences with the Miami Del Ferro Course

Daniel was one of our lucky students to win a free Del Ferro course in Miami. He has not stuttered for the past 10 days and is talking about his experiences with the Del Ferro c...

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Andrew is liberated and has broken through the chains of stuttering

Andrew, one of our Miami students, shows that reading out loud with the method goes fluently. Besides fluency, the contents of the words are powerful!

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Maarten and Rene used to stutter and speak fluent now.

Maarten and Rene came to the Del Ferro Institute and wanted to share how happy they are of not stuttering and speaking fluent.

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You can overcome your stuttering for good!

Meet Dennis. He overcame his stuttering completely after having participated in the Del Ferro course back in 2010. A few years later, he decided to reach out to the Institute to...

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Frederick overcame his stuttering 18 years ago

Always great catching up with former students! Frederick lives in the UK but was in Amsterdam on holidays with his family when he decided to stop by our headquarters where, 18 ...

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BBC documentary. Stuttering, how to get over it.

A BBC documentary about the Del Ferro Institute

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