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It's fantastic to say what I want to say!


“It’s fantastic to say what I want to say!”

These were the magical and effective words of our student Rob after learning Phase 1 of the Del Ferro Method. For years Rob used tricks and synonyms to make his story clear. Until the first day of his course at Del Ferro. It felt like a liberation!

Rob’s enthusiasm, commitment and enjoyment of the process definitely influenced the progress of his fellow students. They talked all day, practiced at every available moment and most of all laughed a lot with each other.

Rob is not the only one who uses tricks to hide stuttering. One has a full time job doing this. For example, we’ve had a young lady who hid her stutter from her boyfriend for years, a man who didn’t drink Coke for years because he had trouble pronouncing the “K,” and a teenager who misrepresented himself because he couldn’t pronounce his own name.

Until they were completely fed up and wanted to ‘just’ say what was on their minds. From day one, you learn how to speak fluent with the Del Ferro Method. Students are encouraged to consciously look for these ‘difficult’ letters and words. In this way, it is proven that these are not difficult letters and words. These speaking fears have been built up through years of stuttering.

After completely overcoming them, pronouncing these words remains extra sweet. Why: because this was not natural for people who stuttered….