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International Stuttering Awareness Day: Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen: Ambassador of the Del Ferro Institute, 22 October 2020



Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen: Ambassador of the Del Ferro Institute

As a young girl, Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen had a severe stammering problem. For years she was unable to pronounce her name, despite intensive speech therapy. It was Femke’s dream to be able to speak fluently. At the age of thirteen the well-known politician overcame her stuttering using the Del Ferro Method. As from October 22 2020, World Stutter Day, we are happy to announce that Femke is ambassador of the Del Ferro Institute.  

Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen is an inspiring example of how dreams can come true. Not only did she learn to speak fluently, she even obtained a seat in Dutch parlement where she literally makes her voice heard for the Dutch people. Now, in her exemplary role, 36-year-old Merel wants to help other people who stutter so that they too can make their dreams come true. She does this in politics and now also as ambassador of the Del Ferro Institute.

About the Del Ferro Institute

For over 40 years the Del Ferro Institute in Amsterdam helps people who stutter. Several times it has been scientifically established that stuttering is caused by uncontrolled movements of the diaphragm muscle. When you let this respiratory muscle move smoothly, it is not possible to stutter. Much attention is also paid to the psychological side of stuttering. Because of the good results the self-confidence grows and speaking anxiety is reduced. Stuttering is estimated to affect 70 million people worldwide.

Are you also curious about Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen’s ideas about stuttering? Thursday 22 October, International Stuttering Awareness Day, is a great opportunity to pay attention to this.