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Del Ferro on German television, at Stern TV RTL


¨My dream is to study medicine in Italy and become a doctor. This is impossible due to my stutter. My parents and I have spent a lot of money and tried everything to find a solution for my stuttering. Not only in Germany but also outside Europe. Sadly, I still stutter…¨

With these words Katharina Neugebauer entered the Del Ferro Institute in Amsterdam 20 years ago. Disappointed and looking for hope as years of speech language therapy until her age of 17 haven’t helped here to speak fluently.

She started the course with a lot of motivation and spoke fluently from the first day on. She practiced intensively and got more cheerful every day. Her future dream became reality. With a lot of enthusiasm she sent a letter to former host Günther Jauch from RTL Stern TV to share her experiences.

A few days later Stern TV called us with the request of making a TV reportage about this unique method. They followed 8 year old Marvin Janaschek who was doomed to stutter for the rest of his live, so professionals said. Not only Marvin, but also his mother was inconsolable because he stuttered and the prospect of a hopeless future. He just wanted to talk as good as his brother. Stern TV made a emotional reportage and followed Marvin in Germany, at school, at home and the camera team followed him all the way to Amsterdam to record his course and experiences at Del Ferro.

Ingrid Del Ferro together with Marvin and Katharina being live on one of the best watched talk shows in Germany was a great moment for everybody. The Del Ferro Institute made name for itself in Germany. This led to extremely enthusiastic and hopeful parents, kids and grown-ups who signed up to participate in a Del Ferro course.

Stern TV made another item on overcoming stuttering with the Del Ferro Method. This time they followed Jonas Janka. Jonas was only 7 years but already had a severe stutter. A highly intelligent little boy who was teased at school and only had 1 goal: to speak fluently!

Overcoming stuttering is really interesting when you can show that it has been solved completely and indefinitely. Therefore, Stern TV tracked down these people after 20 years and made a new reportage.

On Wednesday 23 September 2020 at 22:15hrs CET on Stern TV presenter Stefan Hallaschka will show how these special people are doing now. Did they manage to make their dreams a reality and how is their fluency now?

Extremely proud and grateful that RTL Germany understands the importance of the long term results which can be achieved when you are extremely motivated to overcome stuttering and all fears of speaking. Ingrid Del Ferro will share live her expertise and the ins and outs of stuttering and how to overcome this problem.

RTL STERN TV, 23-09-2020, 22:15hrs CET.