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Newsletter: California and online courses


California course
2019 marked a special year for the Del Ferro Institute - we were able to successfully start our mission in helping people around the world overcoming their stuttering by hosting courses in Florida and Sri Lanka. 

As a result of the great response in Miami, we have decided to come back to the USA!

Our 5-day course will take place this summer in Los Angeles, California, from 22nd - 26th July 2020.

Online course
The safety and well-being of our students and staff members is our top priority. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) brings uncertainty to every region in the world for now, and the near future. 

We know how much stress and uncertainty can affect not only our emotional well-being, but our speech as well. 

The Del Ferro Institute has set up live online courses to continue to help people overcome their stuttering during these unprecedented times.

You can choose an online private training adjusted to your specific needs with one of our tutors or take the course in our virtual classroom setting. 

In the classroom setting our tutor will teach the Del Ferro Method to you and others sharing the same journey of overcoming stuttering. Learning the method within a group allows you to learn and get support from your fellow students during and after classes.