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Testimonial of Ewout who is in the proces of overcoming stuttering


This is Ewout, one of our Del Ferro students who is in the proces of overcoming his stuttering. Ewout is in the last stage of the proces and will have situations where he speaks fluent without having to use a speaking technique. You wouldn’t think that he stuttered or is still using the method, if you hear and see him speaking like he does in the video.

Besides fluency, the Del Ferro Method also pays a lot of attention on articulation, intonation and speaking loud and clear. When you listen to the video, Ewout speaks as natural as possible, without loosing his particular accent.

Ewout’s testimonial is not only fluent and natural. Also the message he wants to give comes across. The general opinion is that after a certain age, stuttering can not be solved. Having a tutor like Patrick who stuttered himself and teaches with his passion and inspiration adds a lot of value to the belief that it is possible.

We continue to support Ewout and our other students with aftercare, weekly-emails and setting them up with other students who are in the same stage. We witness people change, grow and enjoying their fluent sentences.