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Kavi stopped stuttering: before & after



“There were several attempts to kill myself, but somehow, I survived.”

Kavi, 30 years old, was one of our highly motivated students during our Sri Lanka course in December. During his introduction video he told the group that stuttering made him so sad that he cried every day, seeing no purpose or future in life. “I hate my name, because I always stutter then.” Can you even imagine? This can be the impact of stuttering…

Hearing these stories is what drives our team to give their all in helping these people overcome their stuttering. Stuttering is so much more than not being able to pronounce certain letters and words. It can involve harmful feelings that people who stutter will often hide from their loved ones. 

During the 5 day course, Kavi’s story and determination was an inspiration and motivated fellow students, resulting in a higher level of discipline and dedication throughout the course. On the last day, Kavi was a reborn man and happy to share his life changing experience with nothing but fluent sentences.