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Akila stopped stuttering: before & after


Akila had a severe stutter. He didn’t just have the visible blocks and sound prolongations… he also felt as though he was never able to be the person he truly wanted to be. Highly intelligent, well educated, polite and eager to succeed in life, his stuttering was holding him back. 

After searching for a job that matched his characteristics and level of education, he found himself only getting hired for jobs that required less than he had to offer. For years, Akila has been trying to overcome his stuttering by going to different therapies. But nothing seemed to work. 

However, during the Del Ferro course, he flourished. On the third day of the training, Akila’s discipline paid off and he spoke one fluent sentence after the other. A new person was coming to life – the true Akila. Seeing our student’s transformation and gratitude is what motivates us to continue our work in helping people from all walks of life overcome their stuttering