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Paulo only stuttered during presentations


People who stutter can relate in what they experience. In this community it really takes one to know one. In general, stuttering will be more severe when there is more tension and during certain situations. Examples are giving presentations, reading out loud, making phone calls and meeting new people. But nobody stutters the same. There are people who stutter in every sentence, others use a lot of tricks and a few only stammer during one or some particular situations. 

A perfect example is Italian Paulo, who only stuttered when he gave presentations. As a marketing manager for an international company he gives a few presentations a day, in person and over video conferences. Making phone calls, meeting new people and other speaking situations are no problem for him.

This single situation did make Paulo decide to attend the 5-day course. It didn’t matter to him if he stuttered a lot or what other people thought of him and his stuttering. Paulo felt that stuttering during presentations will limit his further career grow.

From day 1 Paulo trusted his teachers and respected the method. He knew that he would have to make an investment and sacrifices now, to reach his goal. He didn’t see that much of a change in his own process as he wasn’t challenged that much during the course. The metamorphose that he witnessed from other students did inspire him to continue following the advises from the institute and trusting the route set out for him. 

At the end of the course Paulo asked if also he needed to apply the technique during situations where he didn’t have his challenges The teachers confirmed he had to as he needed to maintain his skills for when he would do a presentation. We advised him to test the method during his first presentations at work and then make his conclusion.

We got a message from Paulo on Monday, the first day back at work since doing the course:

¨I made three presentations today and have not stuttered once! These were all on a conference call so the next big step is to do it in person. But so far, this is just amazing!¨

The strength of the method is that it works and you finally have a tool to speak fluent, regardless of the situation. It does not matter if you stutter a lot, a little or what others think of you(r stuttering). You know deep inside if stuttering bothers you and if you want to make the effort in overcoming this.