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Sri Lanka course: day 3


Day 3 was going to be an interesting day. As I stayed at the hotel where we give the course the students pass me when they walk to the course room. They are well aware that they need to apply the technique when they speak so seeing me and other guests was a good test. They all succeeded and it promised to be a good day.

The morning was filled with theory. I, with help of the students, was going to explain why it is so important to learn this new way of speech. They produced a lot of sentences and their confidence and skills were growing every sentence.

One student really stood out: Akila. He contacted us when a speech language therapist told him about the course in Sri Lanka. He has been doing research on stuttering for a while now and showed me a presentation of what stuttering did to him. It was heavy and tough to read. Akila said that he doesn’t feel like a normal person and is scared to talk. He avoids many situations has missed many opportunities because of his speech. People don’t see all those negative feelings and used the iceberg theory for this. You cannot see what is under the surface…

This day he was doing his best and produced sentence after sentence. It makes him happy to speak fluently now so he continues to do so. Every day we see progress and the beauty is that they are the ones putting the work in and getting rewarded for it. Two more days to go to help people making the most of their lives.