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Sri Lanka course: day 1


Del Ferro was approached a few months ago by a German couple to help Ayesh, a 25-year old local from Sri Lanka, overcome his stuttering problem. Ayesh was the driver and guide during their holiday in Sri Lanka. They noticed how stuttering limited Ayesh in his daily life and in practicing his profession. Stuttering made Ayesh at times so frustrated that he acted quieter than he really wanted to be. The physical and emotional struggle that Ayesh was having with his stammering made such an impact on the German couple that they decided to help in order for him to lead a more fulfilled life. A life without stuttering… Upon returning home they contacted a German speech therapist who referred them to Del Ferro.

Ingrid Del Ferro was moved by this beautiful gesture and decided not only to help Ayesh but, because of the poverty and current situation in Sri Lanka, to provide other Sri Lankans the opportunity to participate the 5-day Del Ferro course. Together with other parties we set up a pro-bono project with the result that I, Dennis Ensing, teacher and ex-student of Del Ferro, started our 5-day course on 17 December with 5 extremely motivated students.

In Beruwala, a quiet place on the west coast of Sri Lanka I welcomed our students. Each had their own story to tell about their history with stuttering. Every day I will introduce one of our students.

Kavi of 30 years, didn’t hold back and told the group that stuttering made him so sad that he cried every day and he saw no purpose or future in life. ¨There were several attempts to kill myself, but somehow, I survived. I hate my name, because I always stutter then.¨ Stuttering is so much more than not being able to pronounce letters and words.

With goosebumps on my arms I thanked everybody for their honesty and openness. I explained them phase 1 of the method and let Kavi introduce himself, fluently! Everybody was smiling when their group members spoke and their enthusiasm for the method got bigger and bigger. The day went by fast and the boys kept on practicing in the beautiful garden of the hotel. Good start of the course and I was already looking forward to the days to come.