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Not stuttering is life changing


The Del Ferro course has truly been life changing. I admit that I was skeptical at first being that I have been through so much speech therapy (8 years). But to actually start seeing results on the 1st day is mind blowing. I never would have thought that I would be stutter free for the past 72 hours. I am truly on cloud-nine right now and I owe it all to the Del Ferro Method. I have learned to apply the method and to stay consistent with it to remain stutter free. 

I will be dedicated into overcoming my stutter.

I have gained so much from this course. I am proud to say that I finally have a way to be stutter free. I am liberated and have broken through the chains. I have only dreamed of this moment. And now I set to live it. I owe everything to Del Ferro. You are life changers.

Andrew - 33 years - Miami course