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Miami Del Ferro Course – day 3


At 09:30 sharp in sunny Miami we started already our third day of the 5-day Del Ferro course. Ingrid had little chats to see how it went the day before and if they were ready to go to the next phase. The group went well and half of the students were advised to go the next phase. We never get used that people tell us they have not stuttered for the last 24 hours. The same people who stuttered in almost every sentence on the first day. We see people light up, become a new person and are truly become more and more happy in life.

After a small break Dennis continued class explaining why it is so important to apply the method when you speak. Stuttering determined your speech for so many years and now the students finally have control over your diaphragm which results in fluent sentences. They finally have a weapon to speak fluent and train the diaphragm to a new automatic fluent movement.

In the break our students were happy to be given an extra challenge. There was a camera filming how the students ordered their lunch. They focused on what they had to do and spoke fluent without being distracted. You could see the joy and the fun the students were having while having lunch and I bet their food never tasted so good before.

After lunch Ingrid had a special topic to talk about: positive thinking. Years of stuttering, years of bad experiences and years of living a double life can have influenced the way people think of themselves. Ingrid asked the students what their opinion is of themselves and to share the first thought that comes to mind. 

Almost all shared a negative opinion…

After asking deeper some positive qualities were mentioned. That is what stuttering also does to people. It makes them feel bad about themselves. It is time to turn the tables around! The students have to put themselves on the first place, love their good qualities and put their mission of overcoming their stuttering as the highest priority! People have the utmost respect for what they are achieving but the most important is that they have respect for themselves.