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Miami Del Ferro Course – day 2


Due to personal reasons, Ingrid Del Ferro flew in a day later to be present as from the second day of the Del Ferro course in Miami. At breakfast the students greeted Ingrid while applying the Del Ferro Method. That is of course the best way to greet the daughter of the founder of the institute and showed that the message of the classes yesterday came across.

Ingrid started class by getting to know the students while giving her feedback on how the method is applied. By practicing extensively in the morning, you saw the students improved their skills sentence by sentence. After the little interviews Dennis and Ingrid checked the breathing exercises. 

Then, two of the most important topics of the week got discussed. The first one was to give the students insights that making an investment in their time and effort now, will result in a future where no effort have to be made anymore. To remind them why they are here and how stuttering has made the feel. Dennis, at the end of the topic, got emotional when he spoke from his own experiences and explained how happy he still is every day for having overcome his stuttering.

Ingrid explained in the second topic of the morning that the students need to practice a lot! Like any other thing in life, practice makes perfect. The more you train, the more skills you get in applying the method, the more your confidence gets a boost, uncertainties diminish and fear of speaking will fade away until they are completely disappeared. The students have to take every opportunity to speak, speak and speak!

The best moment of the day was during lunch. We sent the students to a place where they did not know about the Del Ferro Method and Dennis and Ingrid were also there separated from the group. One of our students went first, head up high and ordered his food with the Del Ferro Method. Great example and the lady at the counter was impressed when she got explained what he was doing. 

This student explained after lunch that he said: screw it, I am giving it my all and you saw him get bigger and better the rest of the day. Sentence after sentence came out fluently, a massive difference to when he came in yesterday morning.

In the afternoon the students went to the next phase of the method. Their efforts in the first 24 hours gave them a nice start in the second phase. Everybody got the hang of it quite quickly and there were many sentences from everybody. If we would have taken somebody from the lobby and put them in our room they could not have guessed the following: that these people were working on their stuttering!