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Miami Del Ferro Course – day 1


Today we have started our first 5-day course in the United States of America.  This morning we welcomed 6 extremely excited, motivated and determined students in Miami, located in Florida, a.k.a. as the Sunshine State.

The group is diverse with 1 female, two boys of 14 years, two guys around their 30’s and one gentleman of 61 years. Despite their differences, they all share one similar goal: overcoming their stuttering problem.

Dennis Ensing, the teacher for today, started the class with an introduction and showed a video of himself when he still used to stutter. Dennis is one of our teachers who used to be a student and overcame his stuttering by applying the Del Ferro Method. The difference between the video and how he speaks now is like day and night and it shows the students what they also can achieve.

Our students also introduced themselves and shared their motivations to overcome their stuttering. Two of our students got emotional and shared their tears with us. Stuttering really is more than not being able to pronounce words or sentences. People can feel like they cannot be their true self, it held people back living up to their full potential. Others shared examples of avoiding certain situations, in business and social. Everybody got relate to the stories shared which enhanced the group feeling right from the start.

After the introduction and learning the theoretical part of what happens in the human body the students learned phase 1 of the Del Ferro Method. And, like always, the first practice round all students produced fluent sentences. Some had trouble introducing themselves the same morning and now said their name fluent. There was a round of applause for each and every one of them, well deserved. One of the students even mentioned that it felt amazing to talk like this!

For lunch the students had to apply the method outside at a lunch place who was informed that there was a group coming applying a speaking technique. Everybody came back after having ordered a good meal with a fluent sentence. They proved to themselves that the method also works outside the class room. 

Dennis explained and practiced the breathing exercises with the students which they need to do every morning and every evening. Each student could train this extra while students were being interviewed, of course producing fluent sentences.

The last topic of the day was not a nice one. The students saw their own video of the same morning where they stuttered. To solve a problem, people need to face the problem and use this as motivation to work hard on their process.

Their feedback of watching their own footage was hard, bad, confronting and painful to watch.

It was a very good first day and we are very excited for the days to come. The challenge for tonight is practicing the technique while enjoying a well-deserved pizza.