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Stuttering fluctuates: you stutter and you speak fluent


One of the most frustrating things for some people is that stuttering fluctuates. There are periods where speaking goes quite fluent. But there are also times where there are a lot of stutters. 

This can be influenced by your mood, condition or phase in life. A lot of people tend to stutter more in tensed situations. 

At Del Ferro we also get students who do not stutter a lot. But the times that they stutter is so bothersome for them that they want to work on overcoming their stuttering. It does not matter to them what other people think of their stuttering but what their own feelings are regarding this. 

Other people don’t always know when there is a stutter (because of tricks like using other words) or what goes on in the mind before or during a stutter.

They themselves have a problem with this and that’s why they join the Del Ferro course.

The students are handed a weapon on the first day of the course: The Del Ferro Method. This is a speaking technique where you will speak constantly fluent. This needs to be applied consistently in order to develop skills and speed. 

Instead of speaking fluent and stuttering like before, you always speak fluent now. Applying this technique in challenges will bring success, your self-confidence will get a boost and your uncertainties will diminish until all fears for speaking have disappeared.

You have total control over your speech.