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Del Ferro Stutter Therapy is coming to the United States!


The Del Ferro Method is founded in 1978 and is for more than 40 years a unique, scientifically verified method for everyone who stutters and who is motivated to overcome the stutter problem. It is an extremely efficient training to overcome stuttering, the fear for letters, words, situations and people permanently.

The method aims on the solution of the stutter problem and not the acceptance. 

The Del Ferro Method has helped thousands of people, primarily in Europe, to live a life without stuttering and proves that everyone, regardless of age, can get rid of the problem.

Now, Del Ferro is coming to the United States!

The Del Ferro Institute aims to help people worldwide and not only students that make their way within Europe.

Having the third biggest population worldwide, the United States has many people that can be helped in their desire to overcome their stuttering once and for all.

Ingrid Del Ferro, director of the Institute and daughter of founder Len Del Ferro, will come to Miami, Florida in November to give a 5-day course. 

On the first day of the course, you will learn the first phase of Del Ferro speaking technique whereby they no longer stutter. There will be exercises like speaking in front of a group, fluent public speaking in a self-confident way, reading out loud, making telephone calls and other day-day situations.

Because you immediately speak fluent in various situations, self-confidence increases and the fear of speaking decreases. The method is being phased out in such a way that after a short period of their lives, you do not longer need a speaking technique and will never stutter again.

Do you want to be able to speak fluent?

Do you finally want to say what you want to say?

Are you tired of worries and thoughts regarding stuttering?

Apply for our course and take the first step to a stutter-free life!