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Stuttering when tired


One of the aspects of stuttering is that it fluctuates. Speaking can go very well for certain periods but also less well in other times. These periods can last days, weeks and even months.

People with a stuttering problem can have troubles with certain letters and words, variating per person. This mental issue is created due to negative experiences with these tones. It can occur that people have problems with their own name and find it difficult to introduce themselves. But not always, as stuttering fluctuates.

Certain emotions and moods can have a (negative) impact on speaking. Nerves and tension are known emotion where people can have more difficulties speaking fluently. In addition, feeling tired can be a cause for more stutters. 

Speaking on your last breath and speaking while inhaling are two stutter forms that both physically and mentally cost a lot of energy.

Additionally, worrying about future situations where you will or will not stutter can be also mentally very tiresome. 

Applying the Del Ferro speaking technique will result in fluent sentences. Stuttering will not be the cause of feeling tired anymore. Because the method is applicable in almost every situation, you don’t need to worry anymore about future events. 

This will release and create a ton of new energy, boost self-confidence and will diminish the fear of speaking. After a period, the stuttering problem has been overcome completely making the mind and body free of stuttering.