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Overcoming fear of speaking


Years of stuttering can create speaking fears for many people in certain situations or against certain (kind of) people. 

Examples of these situations or people are speaking engagements at school, presentations at work, speaking to a group, meeting new people, people with hierarchy and speaking on the phone.

Negative experiences in these situations make speaking fears worse and people can get worried far before this event occurs.

Speaking fears can be overcome by seeking out these situations. However, you do need a weapon to face these challenges.

The Del Ferro Method is the weapon to speak fluent immediately. On the first day of the course, students learn a speaking technique where they don’t stutter anymore. This speaking technique is applied directly in the lunch break, ensuring that ordering your lunch goes fluent without stutters. The students have just gained their first victory!

The continuous success of fluently speaking leads to an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in fear of speaking. During this process more and greater challenges are being pursued and completed with success 

Situations no longer become challenges until all fears of speaking are completely overcome.