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A positive self-image is the key to success!


A lot of stuttering people have a low self-image. This can be caused by bullying and years of therapies with no (significant) results. They have lost faith in themselves throughout the years and sometimes think of themselves as being a loser while carrying that image.

These people find their own true image during the Del Ferro course where we focus on improvements instead of failures. A person generally won’t come out of a negative cycle if it only focusses on the bad things.

Other people tend to be a perfectionist which actually is a disguised form of a negative self-image. This group of people never do well enough (for themselves). They set the bar so high that they do not see “small” improvements as something positive (I could have done much better).

Compliment often don’t reach people who are a perfectionist. If you think of yourself as a loser you don’t agree with the compliment and therefore reject it before accepting it. Achieving your goals will be very hard with this mindset.

It is wonderful to see what can happen to people when you explain them that a negative self-image is actually a habit of negative thinking. And that you, alone, are responsible for your own thoughts. That you have the power to start thinking differently about yourself.

We offer productive and effective tools and exercises to regain a positive self-image. People can get to know their true self again after a few days. They are able to view themselves through new glasses and are able to realize that they are a unique and therefore valuable person, with lots of fantastic qualities.

This way, they also come to realize that they can become proud of themselves and that self-respect will increase.

This is the key to success. This way you will turn ‘problems’ into challenges, compliments will be given by others and you will become proud of yourself again, making you a dignified and happy person.

Getting rid of stuttering is therefore more than a speaking technique…

One of the legendary statements of Johan Cruyff says that top sport is 25% technical and 75% mental.  This also applies if you want to live a stutter-free life. 

That is what we stand for; let people celebrate life again with self-respect and a fluent speech!