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Stuttering: there is a solution!


Stuttering does not need to be accepted. This problem can be completely solved by training and discipline.

Many stuttering therapies work with a treatment method that focuses on recognition and acceptance of stuttering. But what if someone does not want to accept his or her problem? What if a stuttering person wants to talk just as quickly, spontaneously, directly and above all, as fluently as the other 99% of the world’s population? People talk to each other to communicate, to convey information. Despite technological developments, communication is still an important part of our existence.

The Del Ferro Method is purely aimed at solving the stuttering problem and overcoming fear of public speaking. The method and the various topics during the course are mainly explained by experienced experts who have overcome their stuttering problem by applying the Del Ferro Method.

From the first day of the course, students apply a speaking technique which results in fluent sentences, regardless of the extent in which they previously stuttered. With the Del Ferro Method, students are sent outside to apply these techniques in everyday situations. Consistently speaking fluently will increase self-confidence and will make anxieties disappear.

After a short period, the body and brain are used to producing only fluent sentences. No more speaking technique is needed and the stutter problem is completely solved, a victory and a new start in a stutter-free life!