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Stress and tension aggregates stuttering.


The majority of people with a stutter problem will have less trouble speaking when they are in a familiar relaxed environment. Often, stuttering will become worse in tense situations. Most people will be worried about these tense situations (far) in advance.

Examples of these situations are presentations in school or at work. Many eyes and ears are focused on you and you have everyone’s attention. This would also lead to more tension and stress for people without a stuttering problem, but it won’t affect their speech.

For most people who stutter, these tensions will have a negative influence on their speech. The result is often that the content does not come across well and the presentation does not reach its desired goal. Other negative consequences such as a bad grade at school or a poor assessment at work can be the outcome of this.

The Del Ferro Method can be applied in any speech situation. By focusing on this speaking technique, tensions, uncertainties and distractions have disappeared. Fluent sentences are produced with the direct consequence that the content comes across. 

The Del Ferro Method is a weapon to speak fluently and increases self-confidence. After a while, all uncertainties and speech anxieties disappear, so that no technique is needed to speak fluently: the stuttering problem has been overcome.