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Speaking fluently boosts confidence and diminishes fear of speaking.


The diaphragm is the main muscle of respiration and functions in breathing. Stuttering is a consequence of the diaphragm not always working properly, as scientifically established. While breathing, the diaphragm will move fluently down and up. While speaking, this muscle makes the same movement. The only difference is that the vocal cords close. A fluently upward movement of the diaphragm will produce a fluent air flow against the closed vocal cords which finally results in fluent sentences. They keyword here is ‘fluent’. When stuttering, this fluent upward movement of the diaphragm is interrupted. The diaphragm stutters just like the sentences produced.

A muscle, like the diaphragm, attached to the human skeleton can be trained. The stuttering movement of the diaphragm can be avoided by applying a speak technique. 

By applying the Del Ferro Method from the first day of the course, the diaphragm doesn’t stutter anymore. The diaphragm only makes fluently movements and will get used to this consistent new way of moving. 

Stuttering often also causes mental issues. Many people who stutter can develop fears to speak in certain situations. Presentations and telephoning are situations where many people will stutter more due to bad experiences causes over the years.

These mental issues will also disappear while applying the Del Ferro Method. Facing these challenges with this method will results in fluent sentences. This success will give a boost in self-confidence and the fear of speaking will diminish. 

Continuing to speak fluently with the Del Ferro Method ensures that no situation brings uncertainties and fears anymore. After a while, speaking techniques are no longer needed to deal with these situations as all fears are completely taken away.

Overcoming stuttering is possible by applying the Del Ferro Method. Not only for the physical cause but also for the mental consequences.