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Ingrid Del Ferro

Ingrid Del Ferro • General Director

Ingrid Del Ferro is for more than 25 years next to director, trainer and coach of the Del Ferro Institute founder of The Breathing Academy. She has learned the method directly from the founder, her father Len Del Ferro, and has refined the technique and brought it up to date over the years.

She is author of three books. ‘Spreken is Goud’(Speaking is Gold), ‘Del Ferro Werkboek’(Del Ferro work book), Publishing house Scriptum published her third book ‘Vanzelfsprekend’(Of course).

Ingrid is founder of The Breathing Academy where courses are given to people who want to learn how to breathe efficiently. Top athletes, people who suffer from hyperventilation, burnout and insomnia know to find The Breathing Academy.

Because of her expertise she is a gladly seen guest in many television programs and regularly interviewed by the Dutch and foreign media. She is often seen on German television, but the BBC also knew her and made a report. She was interviewed by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, the anchorman of the Dutch television and appeared in lots of talkshows and news programs.

In 1992, after the death of her father Len Del Ferro, she continued and expanded his life’s work. She established a Del Ferro extension in Germany in 2004. Ingrid is a specialist in the field of breath training against stuttering and hyperventilation. She educates Del Ferro teachers and gives various trainings at Del Ferro.

My story

"I want to cry out loud: stuttering is not your destiny! You can do something about it!‘‘

"Despite the methods of acceptance you may know, it's really a fact that everyone can completely overcome stuttering. It's valuable and rewarding work. People are so happy when they have been helped. And not only do they. I once had a beautiful ring from a member of the course. The ring belonged to her grandmother. She had often asked her granddaughter to sign up with us, but the girl herself lost confidence by all the disappointing experiences with speech therapy. But when her grandmother was dying she decided after all to follow her last wish and to participate the 10-day course. Her grandmother was overjoyed that she could nevertheless hear her grandchild speaking fluently in her last days. The girl is a mature woman now. I still have contact with her and the ring...I still have. As a memory." to our wonderful work."