I was soooo happy I almost wanted to scream

Tijn - 12 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

The entry on the first day was good. I immediately felt fine. The teacher is also very nice and has a lot of humour. He is very patient, also narrates beautifully and well. At first, when we had learned the technique, the penny didn’t drop.

When I walked to Bread bakery in the first break, I was very tense. I wanted to order a brownie and I felt I would stutter on the ‘b’. I started applying the method and it worked immediately! I was soooo happy I almost wanted to scream.

I also dare more now. For example, at a restaurant. I used to always order a Sprite, but I wanted a Fanta. I can finally do that! Now I am more confident.

What is going to change is that I can just say the answer to a question. That I will be able to talk more if I keep up the exercises for a few more months or weeks. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Del Ferro!

A great experience for our students every Monday morning. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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