Heredity of stuttering

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Recent research has provided several insights into the causes of stuttering, but a single cause has not yet been found. Several theories suggest possible causes, such as heredity, imitation of stuttering within the family and the influence of a multilingual upbringing.

Heredity of stuttering

Although it is often thought that stuttering is hereditary, this has not been scientifically proven. In identical twins, one child may stutter while the other speaks fluently. One possible explanation for the higher incidence of stuttering within families is that young children (un)consciously imitate the stuttering behaviour of stuttering family members.

Stuttering due to trauma

Stuttering usually starts between the second and sixth year of life. In some cases, however, stuttering does not develop until later in life, often as a result of a traumatic experience. It is rare for a person to start stuttering only after puberty.

Stuttering by imitating others

If a parent stutters, this can lead to a child imitating this behaviour, making stuttering a habit. There are also cases where children jokingly imitate the stuttering of others, resulting in the imitator developing a permanent stuttering problem.

Stuttering due to tension

When learning to speak, children may experience irregularities in their language and speech development, given that this is a complex process. Constant attention to these irregularities can lead to stuttering. Factors such as increased stress, pressure, rapid speech or constant correction can aggravate stuttering.

Solution stuttering

There are as many causes and forms of stuttering as there are people who stutter, with everyone stuttering in their own unique way. Despite the various causes, there are many similarities in the behaviour and emotions associated with stuttering. The core of the solution lies in addressing the physical cause of stuttering.

At Del Ferro, we focus on solving the stuttering problem without delving into its origins. Finding out the causes does not provide an active solution to stuttering. Students who come to Del Ferro are motivated to overcome their stuttering, regardless of its origin. Our goal is to provide them with the tools needed to eventually speak fluently in a completely natural way.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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