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Ingrid Del Ferro

My goal is to let people experience how to become who they really are

Ingrid's story

Ingrid Del Ferro is known as the most successful stutter therapist and breathing specialist in the Netherlands. With her pioneering breathing technique, she achieves remarkable results. This technique is at the heart of the science-based Del Ferro method. Together with her team at the world-renowned Del Ferro Institute, she helps hundreds of people struggling with stuttering, hyperventilation, burnout, lung covid and panic attacks to regain their freedom every year.

From the first day of the course, all participants get a taste of their new life. Those who stutter speak stutter-free from the very first day. People with hyperventilation experience how free and deep breathing brings calm. (Top) athletes notice how to use their lung capacity more effectively.

Ingrid’s dedication and the effectiveness of her method have earned her a prominent place in both national and international media. She regularly appears on Dutch and German talk shows and in reports by channels such as CNN and BBC. She is also an inspiration to many through the workshops and presentations she gives in business.

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Ingrid tells

My mission is to help anyone with breathing-related problems overcome them. The main focus is on stuttering, hyperventilation, burnout, lung covid and panic attacks. I strongly believe in the right to a stutter-free life for everyone and the freedom to breathe unobstructed, as this is essential for a good quality of life.

My vision goes beyond just addressing physical challenges. I strive for a world where people live from the heart, make choices that bring true joy and pursue a holistic approach. This approach ensures that my clients not only learn to speak stutter-free and overcome their hyperventilation, but also work towards a happier and richer life.

My nearly 40 years of experience have allowed me to help thousands of people struggling with stuttering and other breathing-related complaints. I gave them a definitive solution so they could get another step closer to their dreams. Consider, for example, our ambassador Femke Merel van Kooten. As a young girl, she could not even pronounce her own name. Years later, she entered the House of Representatives as an MP. Or to Lutsharel Geertruida, Feyenoord’s right-back and reserve captain. He now speaks stutter-free, while he used to meed the media. His 2024 documentary ‘Child of South’ shows this very nicely.

Since 2013, I have enriched my approach by working intensively with psychosocial therapist and meditation teacher Eva Wolf, integrating the mental aspect into my courses. I work according to the metaphor ‘The Flower’ developed by Eva. This approach helps clients grow not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Ingrid gives stutter therapy and breathing training according to the Del Ferro method

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Besides stutter therapies and breathing training, I also give courses in public speaking. In addition, together with my team, I have developed a special training programme for elite athletes. My clients include wheelchair tennis players Jiske Griffioen and Diede de Groot, both top athletes in wheelchair tennis. In 2023, they were victorious together in the women’s doubles final at Wimbledon.

I am also proud to say that I am the official breath coach for the KNLTB (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association). In this role, I provide breath training for the national youth selection.

On an ongoing basis, I am learning and developing myself. This has resulted in two books, of which Vanzelfsprekend is still on sale. I am currently writing my third book on breathing.

I thoroughly enjoy life, am the mother of a beautiful daughter and enjoy the many trips I take with my boyfriend. I love (salsa) dancing and am a big music lover. I have been meditating for 15 years, which I do for my own well-being. I also apply the principles in the coaching I give.

This multi-faceted approach helps me make a profound impact. I guide my clients to a life free of obstacles, allowing them to live the life they have dreamed of.

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More than 13,000 children, adolescents and adults are stutter-free thanks to the Del Ferro Method.

Del Ferro breathing training for overcoming hyperventilation, burnout, lung covid and panic attacks.

Breathing therapy for faster recovery after exercise and optimising fitness. Training for (elite) athletes, trainers and coaches.

The Del Ferro team

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