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Cecilia Goulooze

It is possible to get rid of hyperventilation completely

Cecilia at Del Ferro

Since 2023, Cecilia has been part of the Del Ferro team in the role of breathing specialist. She is an inspiration to anyone struggling with hyperventilation symptoms or burnout. Her own victory over these complaints using the Del Ferro method allows her to make a deep empathetic connection with trainees. Cecilia is proof of the method’s success and motivates trainees with her personal insights and warm presence.

Cecilia gives breath training according to the Del Ferro method

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Respiratory specialist Cecilia tells

From a young age, I struggled with incorrect breathing, characterised by a sore throat, pressure on my chest and a constant nervous feeling. My parents had been advising me to go to Del Ferro for years, but stubbornness stopped me. Despite my many complaints. The situation escalated when I experienced panic attacks, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. It was clear that I could no longer go on like this. It was time for a radical change in my life.

Under the guidance of Ingrid Del Ferro, I took the breath training and finally learned to feel instead of constantly living in my head. I discovered what really made me happy, both in my professional and personal life. This transformational process was immensely instructive and motivated me to be part of this valuable institute.

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Del Ferro breathing training for overcoming hyperventilation, burnout, lung covid and panic attacks.

The Del Ferro team

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