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Annick Melgers

The breathing training was literally a breath of fresh air for me

Annick at Del Ferro

Annick Melgers has worked for Del Ferro since 2021 as a breathing specialist for elite athletes, who want to perform better and recover faster after exertion. As a professional tennis player, Annick has won four Dutch championships and two international titles to her name.

However, early in her career, she experienced problems with hyperventilation during training sessions, which was initially mistaken for exercise asthma. Despite asthma medication, the symptoms persisted until she came to Del Ferro through the KNLTB’s physical trainer. Here she was diagnosed with hyperventilation, which she subsequently got rid of completely.

The experience of the significant impact of the Del Ferro method on both her physical condition and mental well-being inspired Annick to support other athletes with this technique as well.

With her background as an expert by experience and professional athlete, Annick is a perfect match for athletes who, like her, strive to maximise their performance. She is dedicated to helping athletes take their performance to the next level.

Annick gives breath training using the Del Ferro method

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Respiratory specialist Annick tells

After taking the training with Del Ferro, I never had another hyperventilation attack. I could finally finish all tennis training again without physical problems and with confidence. My stamina increased tremendously, which was also shown by several exercise tests.

In addition, the Del Ferro method has made me much stronger mentally. This has given my sports career a positive boost and at the same time more peace in my daily life.

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Breath training using the Del Ferro method for faster recovery after exercise and optimizing fitness. Training for (elite) athletes, trainers and coaches.

The Del Ferro team

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