Successful in stuttering therapy and breathing training since 1978

Meet the Del Ferro team

Del Ferro team with stutter therapists and breathing specialists

director, stutter therapist & breathing specialist

Ingrid Del Ferro

For more than 30 years, Ingrid has been director of the Del Ferro Institute and, together with her team, has helped thousands of people get rid of stuttering. She also teaches how people can get rid of hyperventilation and burnout, among other things, through efficient breathing.

When you can say everything you want to say, you become the person you essentially are

Patrick Wijdenes is a stutter therapist according to the Del Ferro method

speech language therapist

Patrick Wijdenes

Patrick has worked for the Del Ferro Institute since 1994. He was introduced to the Del Ferro method as a boy of 13 and overcame his stuttering for good. His life goal is to help as many people as possible get rid of stuttering. He acts as a great role model for the trainees as he himself has been stutter-free for 40 years.

Magic? Yes, because for the first time in my life I had deliberately pronounced a sentence fluently

Dennis Ensing is a speech language therapist and breathing specialist according to the Del Ferro Method

speech language therapist & breathing specialist

Dennis Ensing

As an adult, Dennis has completely overcome his stuttering problem by applying the Del Ferro method. Knowing better than anyone else how impeding stuttering can be, he works at Del Ferro to help people worldwide solve this problem once and for all.

I know better than anyone how free it feels to be able to say what I want to say

Cecilia Goulooze gives breathing training according to the Del Ferro method

breathing specialist & all-round employee

Cecilia Goulooze

Cecilia had suffered from hyperventilation all her life. When faced with burnout, she had no choice but to take action. Thanks to learning to breathe according to the Del Ferro method, she recovered completely from her symptoms. She completely changed her tack and joined the Del Ferro Institute in 2023. She underwent intensive training as a breathing specialist and now gives breathing training.

It is possible to get rid of hyperventilation completely

Annick Melgers gives breathing training according to the Del Ferro method

breathing specialist

Annick Melgers

Annick faced the challenges of hyperventilation during her tennis career. She found a solution through breathing training at Del Ferro, which not only helped her overcome her own problems but also inspired her to join the institute. At Del Ferro, she trained as a breathing specialist. With her perseverance and winner’s mentality, Annick is a valuable teacher who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience.

The breathing training was literally a breath of fresh air for me

Lurdes Alves Martins is hostess at Del Ferro

hostess & administrative assistant

Lurdes Alves Martins

She has dedicated her entire life in the service of caring for others. You may experience that loving approach to people as soon as you contact Del Ferro or step into the institute in Amsterdam. Lurdes makes you feel welcome.

I welcome trainees who are about to start changing their lives

Eva Wolf coaches trainees who are mentally stuck at Del Ferro

psychosocial therapist & meditation teacher

Eva Wolf

With a unique and versatile approach, Eva helps people reach their maximum potential. She teaches students to live from the heart. In doing so, she uses the metaphor of THE FLOWER, which she has developed over the course of her life. Her book ‘The Flower’ was published in 2022. She has her own practice in Amsterdam and has been teaching attention training to meditation groups for over 40 years.

The way you breathe is a reflection of the way you are in life

Femke Merel van Kooten is an ambassador for Del Ferro


Femke Merel van Kooten

Since 2020, Femke Merel has been an ambassador for the Del Ferro Institute. As a former second MP, it is hard to imagine that she had a severe stuttering problem as a young girl. For years, she was unable to pronounce her name, despite intensive speech therapy she attended. She achieved her dream of speaking fluently at 13 when she overcame stuttering with the Del Ferro method. Making that dream a reality, she wants to bring it within reach for all people who stutter.

With all my love, I am committed to Del Ferro, because you cannot be who you are if you stutter

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