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Private training

Private training

Do you have a stutterproblem and is it your wish to learn to speak fluent and self-assured when it’s more convenient according to your agenda? Make the decision to follow the private training.

During the 4-day private training you are coached individually. You work intense to achieve your personal goals. 

Although the technique of the method is the most important part of the training a lot of attention is being given to build up self-confidence and overcoming the fear to speak. This training doesn’t only give you a tool to develop fluent speech and to overcome the stutterproblem but it gives an arsenal of insights to practice it immediately in public.

What can you expect?

  • Fluent speech from the first day of the course

  • Refined tools

  • To overcome the fear to speak

Practical information

  • 4-day training, when it suits you
  • This training can also be given in Dutch and German
  • Send us an email to plan your private training


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