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Online course

Online course

Online course

How would it feel to tell an exciting story or give an inspiring presentation… without stuttering? To what extent has your stutter influenced the decisions you’ve made in your life?

Do you want to be able to speak fluent and without fear?

For over 40 years, Del Ferro’s mission is to help people speak fluent and overcome their stuttering. We have been extremely successful in doing this with our intensive trainings in person.

The world keeps on developing with the latest technologies and as Del Ferro continuously innovates, we are able to introduce our new online course. This way, we can help even more people worldwide to overcome their stutter. Our online course is very suitable for those who are not able to come to our institute.

In this online training, you will learn to speak fluently and with confidence from day one!

In these interactive training sessions, you will learn the different phases of the Del Ferro Method from our experienced tutors (often former students who have successfully overcome their stuttering). You will find out how to achieve speech fluency and overcome your speaking anxiety.

There will be exercises like learning how to have a fluent conversation, how to handle a job interview, read out loud, give an inspiring speech, making phone calls and much more. Simultaneously, you will get mental coaching with topics that will increase your self image and how to get over your fear of speaking. You will regain self-confidence and finally be able to say everything you want to say, how you want to say it, when you want to say it!

Because of the personal interaction with your teacher, you will get full attention during the classes and topics can be adjusted on the basis of your input and progress. Your teacher will guide you in the process of overcoming stuttering.

In between and after classes your own efforts and own initiatives to practice what has been learned and to follow the advises obtained in class are extremely important.

We will provide you the tools to speak fluent but it remains a do-it-yourself method. You determine on what level you finish the course.

The training will be in 4 consecutive days, timetables will depend on your geographical location. These days you will have to free yourself from any other obligations. It is an intensive course and outside lectures you will have to use your free time to practice the techniques learned.

You will be amazed at how effective the Del Ferro Method is - and notice remarkable results after just one day! However, your progress will depend on your motivation and dedication.

In addition to providing you with the tools to overcome stuttering and develop fluency, the course delivers an arsenal of insights to practice in your daily life. The before and after class assignments are an obligatory part of the course and crucial for your personal development.

If you feel like your fear to speak is holding you back and you have the desire to overcome your stuttering problem, our course is the right place to be!

What can you expect?

  • Speak fluently from the first day of the course
  • Speak clearly and with self-confidence
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Better concentration
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Overcome social anxiety
  • Reading out loud without stuttering
  • Speaking on the telephone fluently
  • Stop avoiding situations that include speaking
  • Increase in quality of life

Practical information:

  • 4 consecutive days
  • The 2 aftercare days are included and will be planned for you
  • Training can be followed from home or workspace
  • Do you prefer a different period? Please contact us at
  • Your personal schedule will be discussed with you
  • Course can be held in English, German and Dutch
  • Effective for adults and children
  • Courses can be followed world wide
  • A good stationary camera or build in camera is highly recommended
  • Following the course with your mobile phone or tablet is only possible when using a stationary fixed device
  • You need a quiet room with good lighting and sufficient space to stand up so your tutor can see your face and upper torso
  • A good internet connection is required
  • Please be aware that the training requires a lot of concentration. Therefore it is necessary that you will not get disturbed during the live online training

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