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3-day refresher course

3-day refresher course

Do you want to learn the latest developments of the Del Ferro Method? Are you still motivated to overcome your stuttering? Is speaking fluent one of your top priorities in life?

Then the 3-day refresher course will suit your needs. In this training you will get refreshed on the Del Ferro techniques and your own personal route will be evaluated to discuss your personal needs and points of attention. During the course, we will train these aspects and give you advice how to proceed further in your journey of overcoming stuttering.

At the end of the day, you will practice the technique with fellow group members and in real-life situations. The new after care process, including your own personal challenges, will be discussed thoroughly on the last day.

What can you expect?

  • Refreshing the technique
  • Personal topics like making phone calls, reading out loud, public speaking and giving presentations
  • Better concentration
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Overcome social anxiety
  • Reading out loud without stuttering
  • Speaking on the telephone fluently
  • Stop avoiding situations that include speaking
  • Increase in quality of life

Practical information:

  • This 3-day course will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Teaching will take place at the Del Ferro Institute
  • Course will be held in English
  • Effective for adults and children
  • Courses can be followed world wide

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