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2-day prolongation course
Level 2

2-day prolongation course

When you have finished Level 1 and you have mastered the technical part of The Del Ferro Method than you are ready for Level 2. This is an extension to the regular course.

In the prolongation course we deal with the mental barricades which you perhaps faced to solve your stutterproblem. You get new insights concerning your behaviour and you learn how to look at yourself without judgement.

The basic course and the prologation are two separate things. You got to have control over the basics so that later, during the prologation, you are able to deal with the barricades you’ve eventually faced.

It can be possible that you still have some fear or doubt whether you are going to succeed. Perhaps you are afraid to practice the technique because you worry too much what other people might think of you.

In Level 2 the individual way of every member of the course is being evaluated: in which phase do you find yourself and which particular advices and suggestions can we give you to proceed with success? You get insights with regard to your behaviour and the technique is being brushed up. The most important part of Level 2 is the mental aspect.

You get your lessons from Eva Wolf. Eva is a psychosocial therapist, NLP-master and mindfulness trainer. She will learn you to get more strength and more believe in yourself in order to speak fluent under every circumstance full of self-confidence.

What can you expect?

  • Insights in your behaviour and the consequences of that.
  • To brush up the technique.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Better focus and concentration.

Practical information:

  • Two continuous days.
  • Level 2 is only fit for members of the course who have followed Level 1.
  • From the age of 14.


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