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Course presentation

Free consultation

Do you want to be introduced to Del Ferro and learn more about Del Ferro and the technique? Make an appointment for a free intake by Skype.

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5-day course

How would it be to tell a story freely and with passion or to give an inspiring presentation? To what extent has stuttering influenced the choices you made?

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Private training

Do you have a stutterproblem and is it your wish to learn to speak fluent and self-assured when it’s more convenient according to your agenda? Make the decision to follow the private more


Childrens course

Does it frighten you to speak in front of the classroom? Do you often feel insecure if you want to say something? Are you sometimes being bullied? Do you feel ashamed because yo...

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2-day prolongation course (Level 2)

When you have finished Level 1 and you have mastered the technical part of The Del Ferro Method than you are ready for Level 2. This is an extension to the regular course.

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Hyperventilation training

Do you want to get rid of hyperventilation or do you want to learn how to breathe in an efficient way? That’s possible right away! At the Breathing Academy, powered by Del Ferro...

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