Del Ferro stutter therapy for adults

Speak fluent from the first day of the course

Stutter therapy for adults

The key to persuasive and fluent speech

Step over the threshold to fluent speaking with adult stutter therapy and become stutter-free. You are about to experience a change that will make your communication undergo a metamorphosis.

You will experience the dream of stutter-free speech on the very first day of the course

Our Del Ferro method is the result of decades of development, combining personal experience and expertise into more than a stutter therapy. It is a total transformation. You enter a world where your voice is unimpeded and clear. Every word matters. Discover the freedom and confidence to speak fluently in any situation.

Start on your path today to a stutter-free life and communicate with confidence.

Stuttering is challenging, creating both visible and invisible barriers for those living with it. It’s not just about stumbling over words, but can also the impact on your self-image and your place in the world.

Do you recognise this?

personal struggle

Stuttering often involves a battle fought deep inside. A battle between the desire to speak freely and the fear of the next blockade.

social impact

Those who stutter may feel inhibited in social situations, which can lead to avoiding conversations, activities and even career opportunities.

professional obstacles

Professional interactions require clear communication. Stuttering can complicate these exchanges, limiting professional growth.

emotional impact

The constant stress of speaking can take a toll, resulting in feelings of frustration, embarrassment and sometimes even hopelessness.

practical challenges

Everyday tasks like talking on the phone, ordering at a restaurant or making presentations suddenly become major obstacles.

These challenges are not a snapshot, but a recurring pattern that affects your daily quality of life. This is a problem that calls for an effective and lasting solution.

Who are you?

You are someone who knows all too well the challenge of stuttering. You might use tricks to tell your story. Or do you find stuttering a bit annoying. You may have already walked a path of various stutter therapies. From traditional speech therapy to recognised stutter therapists, looking for a way to get rid of stuttering. You may even have been confronted with the words:

“You have to learn to live with it”.

But that’s not the path you want to stay on. You want more than just methods that offer temporary relief or teach you to accept the stutter.

You know the awkward silences, the missed opportunities in conversations, the suffocating fear of public speaking moments. The social activities you avoided, the important conversations you postponed and the moments you withdrew. They weigh heavily.

But deep down, there is the fervent desire to express yourself as you really are.

Without blocks.

Without fear.

You are ready for change, open to growth and looking for the freedom to say everything you want to say. In every word you speak. Wherever and whenever.

Unlock fluent speech: Discover the success of our course with the Del Ferro Method

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5-day course in Miami

Over these past 5 days my life has changed

Our international course in Miami, Florida was a big success. After years of fruitless speech therapy our students have been searching for help in overcoming their stuttering. With the Del Ferro Method, they finally found a technique that enables them to speak fluently and take back control of their speech. 

Your personal speech revolution

Imagine a world where your freedom of speech is no longer restricted by stuttering. This is what we offer our participants: a journey of self-discovery and renewed communication. Our target audience is people of all ages who are ready to take this step. To learn and grow beyond the limits that stuttering has imposed on them.

After our therapy, which incorporates the powerful principles of the Del Ferro method, you will:

talk confidently

stop avoiding important presentations or intimate conversations

enjoying social activities

never doubt whether you dare to go anywhere again

communicating clearly and persuasively

engage in professional opportunities

feel that your overall well-being improved significantly

leaving the emotional burden of stuttering behind you

simply perform daily tasks

the constant fear of letters or words is gone

This transformation is visible and palpable.

It is a change that will be noticeable in every part of your life.

Proven stutter therapy for adults at Del Ferro

What is the Del Ferro Method?

The Del Ferro method is hailed as a pioneering approach for those who stutter. It offers clear vision of a life without stuttering. The method focuses on training the diaphragm muscle, regaining control over it. The result is fluent speaking in any situation. Stutter therapy participants speak without stuttering from the first day of the course.

The technique was developed by Len Del Ferro, an American tenor and vocal pedagogue who made pioneering discoveries in Amsterdam after his international singing career. His main finding was that stuttering is related to uncontrolled movements of the diaphragm muscle.

These insights have fundamentally changed the way stuttering treatment is looked at. The Del Ferro Method was scientifically researched, confirming its effectiveness and the underlying theories of Len Del Ferro.

Since 1992, Ingrid Del Ferro, the daughter of Len Del Ferro, has headed the Del Ferro Institute. She further developed the Del Ferro method into a leading therapy that has already helped thousands of adults (as well as children) around the world overcome their stuttering.

The Del Ferro method proves that stuttering need not be considered an immutable part of a person’s life. By addressing both the physical and mental factors of stuttering, the Del Ferro Institute offers the solution to anyone who longs to speak fluently.

What will you learn during adult stutter therapy?

The stutter therapy consists of two parts. It starts with a 5-day stutter therapy. This is followed by a tailor-made follow-up programme that ensures you keep practising what you have learned until fluent speech has become automatic in every situation.

During the 5-day course, you will learn the Del Ferro speaking technique, which guarantees you complete fluency from the very first day of the course. During the week, technique is perfected, increasing dexterity in fluent speaking.

Not only will you learn to master this technique, but we will hone it together so that you become completely fluent in all speaking situations. Combined with attention to the mental aspects of stuttering, it ensures both that self-confidence increases and speaking anxiety disappears.

You are on the eve of a life where fluent speaking becomes a new reality. You will experience the power and freedom of being able to express your thoughts unhindered. As a result, your self-confidence and belief that a stutter-free life is within reach. Below is an overview of what each course day has in store for you:

Introduction & foundation

On the first day of therapy, you will meet your fellow students, each with their own story, but all equally determined to overcome stuttering. Practising together, motivating and challenging each other strengthens the bond between each other. The highlight of this day is the unforgettable moment when you speak stutter-free for the first time. This moment gives your self-confidence a huge boost and sets the tone for the rest of the therapy.

During this day, you will discover the power of the diaphragmatic breathing technique. You will do this by mastering the Del Ferro breathing exercises, which you will then perform both morning and evening. The workbook will guide you through the process step by step. A nice benefit of this is that the exercises provide relaxation and better sleep. For athletic students, they are also ideal to improve fitness and recover faster after exercise.

Exercise & refinement

The second day is dedicated to reinforcing the skills you learnt on the first day. You will practice the technique in a variety of speaking situations, becoming increasingly familiar with it. Each practice session is carefully designed to refine your speaking skills.

In addition, a unique concentration training is on the schedule. This training is not only important for overcoming stuttering, but also extremely useful for other aspects of your life where attention and focus are essential.

Self-esteem & positivity

On the third day, you will focus on both the mental aspect of stuttering and partially phasing out the technique in preparation for life after completing the course.

You explore how stuttering affects your self-image. You will learn strategies to develop a stronger and more positive self-image. This mental growth is crucial to get rid of stuttering.

Integration into daily life

During day four, you will learn how to speak fluently in everyday life using the Del Ferro method. You will practice with everyday situations that were previously challenging. Think about giving a completely smooth group presentation and speaking without any hiccups during a video recording. It is a day focused on applying what you have learnt. You will embed your new skills into your daily routine.

Closing & outlook

On the last day, you celebrate progress and prepare for a life without stuttering. You show off your new speaking skills by fluently conducting a telephone conversation and reading aloud without stuttering. In conclusion, you will be given a plan to continue growing independently. It is a celebration of what you have achieved and the prospect of a stutter-free future.

Your trainer during adult stutter therapy

Meet two of our trainers who teach the stutter therapy: Patrick Wijdenes and Dennis Ensing.

Patrick Wijdenes is stottertherapeut volgens de Del Ferro methode

I firmly believe in every trainee's potential to overcome their stuttering problem

Patrick Wijdenes

As a 13-year-old boy, Patrick experienced the magic of the Del Ferro method. A discovery that not only made him stutter-free, but also determined the course of his future.

Since 1994, he has been committed to freeing people from stuttering with the method that transformed his own life.

Dennis Ensing is a speech language therapist and breathing specialist according to the Del Ferro Method

It felt like a liberation to be able to say what I want to say and when I want to say it

Dennis Ensing

Dennis managed to overcome stuttering at the age of 21 with the Del Ferro Method. Before this breakthrough, he had struggled to speak freely for years, despite various therapies he had attended.

He wants to share the liberation he experienced with anyone who longs for a stutter-free life. This is why he has joined the Del Ferro Institute since 2019.

Patrick and Dennis’ classes are a mix of expertise and passion. On the one hand, based on their personal victory in overcoming stuttering. They know what it is like to feel the struggle inside and have experienced the power of the Del Ferro method themselves. In addition, they underwent an intensive training to become a stutter therapist according to the Del Ferro method.

In an optimal mix of teaching the effective Del Ferro speaking technique and building self-confidence, Patrick and Dennis ensure that all trainees get to use their voice as a powerful instrument. They are known for their in-depth knowledge and enthusiastic way of teaching. Every day, they are full of inspiration and motivation for you on your path to fluent speaking. Each student receives personal guidance to be allowed to be who they are without stuttering.

Practical information

The path to a life without stuttering is clear and achievable thanks to the Del Ferro Method. Below is all the essential information you need to know in advance for adult stutter therapy:

From Monday to Friday, immerse yourself in an impressive week. Sessions are Monday to Thursday from 10am to 4pm and on Friday from 9am to 1pm.

The course takes place at our institute which exudes both cosiness and warmth, located in a quiet central neighbourhood in Amsterdam.

The 5-day course is offered throughout the year. This means that you can also join us during all (school) holidays, without having to wait for months. Whether you want to coordinate the course with your work schedule or make the best use of your free time, there is always a time to suit your personal schedule.

During the course days, unlimited coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be provided during breaks. This will keep you focused and energised throughout the day.

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we maintain a partnership with a nearby hotel for a conveniently priced stay. We are also happy to advise you on alternative accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. Overnight stays are entirely optional. If you prefer to travel daily, that’s entirely up to you.

Our courses are run in small groups to ensure personal attention, with students of all age groups welcome.

The course will be taught in English. It is also possible to take the same therapy in German, Dutch or Spanish.

The course is also offered privately at a location of your choice or at our training location in Amsterdam and online with live video sessions.

How Frederick's life changed during a visit to Amsterdam

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He attended stutter therapy 18 years ago

It truly changed my life

Frederick lives in the UK but was in Amsterdam on holidays with his family when he decided to stop by our headquarters where, 18 years ago, the Del Ferro course changed his life. Frederick is a great example of what happens when you learn to master the Del Ferro Method and overcome your stuttering problem. He now runs his own architectural company and enjoys public speaking.

Follow adult stutter therapy that suits your needs

Our commitment to your progress goes beyond completing the 5-day stutter therapy. It is the beginning of a path towards lasting success.

We understand that overcoming stuttering is a personal challenge and each journey is unique. That is why our aftercare programme is flexible and personalised, designed to support you at the times you need it most. Whether it is a regular refresher of the technique or a weekly boost in confidence. Hence, stutter therapy is offered in 3 elective packages:

package 1

Stutter therapy for adults basic

After the 5-day Del Ferro course, your development will continue unabated. Not only do we equip you with the Del Ferro speaking technique and workbook during the course week, there is more waiting for you to support your success:

Support by email

Each week you reflect on your own progress and share this with us. You share your successes, followed by your challenges. The online support is of great value to structurally evaluate your process. Based on your weekly update, we offer personalised feedback and encouragement.

This weekly support is at your disposal indefinitely.

Two online follow-up sessions

The aftercare program is an important follow-up to the basic training week. It consists of two separate training sessions. They are designed to help you phase out the Del Ferro Method into fluent automatic speech. These sessions contribute into learning how to speak automatically fluent as a natural part of your daily life.

In addition, you can book additional online aftercare sessions at a later date when you need it.

The investment in a stutter-free life

A stutter-free life equals a life full of self-confidence and new possibilities. Your investment in this life is €2,395. For this fee, you get the 5-day course and workbook, as well as unlimited weekly contact by e-mail and two follow-up sessions in Amsterdam.

This investment in yourself doesn’t have to be an entirely personal financial burden. There are options for reimbursement through employers, health insurers and other agencies, depending on your personal situation.

Book your spot right now:

package 2

Stutter therapy for adults intensive

Enhance your experience with our most popular package: stutter therapy intensive. It includes everything from the basic package, namely:

In addition, you will receive:

4 private coaching sessions

Further personal development is at your fingertips with 4 individual 30-minute online video sessions. These offer the opportunity to discuss your progress and help you to automatically speak fluently in any speaking situation.

The investment in a stutter-free life

The investment for this intensive course is €2,550. Book your spot right now:

package 3

Stutter therapy for adults premium

The premium package contains all the components of the basic and intensive package, supplemented with an additional focus on sustainable mental resilience. What do you get?

Everything from the previous packages, namely:

On top of that, you will receive:

2-day mental prolongation course

This 2-day course is specially designed for anyone who wants to dive even deeper into the psychological aspects of speaking without stuttering.

The training is complemented by 1 online follow-up session. So that means you have a total of 3 online follow-up sessions. 

The investment in a stutter-free life

The investment in this premium trajectory is €3.295. Book your spot right now:

Summary: What exactly do you get during adult stutter therapy?

Choose the stutter therapy programme below that suits you best. Within a few minutes you will have reserved your spot!

What do you get?

most popular therapy

Stutter therapy for adults intensive

What do you get?

Stutter therapy for adults premium

What do you get?

If you apply the technique consistently yourself, you will have success guaranteed!

I stuttered for years. As a child, as well as an adult, I attended speech therapy several times. Without success, where I was told: you won’t get rid of it, you have to learn to live with it. I had partly given it a place, but I noticed that I was struggling to convey information properly and I found that very irritating. 

That is why I chose Del Ferro. From day 1, I seized this opportunity. The training and guidance is excellent.


Become stutter-free too: schedule a consultation session

Are you ready to take the first step towards a stutter-free life? We offer you the opportunity to meet one of our speech language therapists in person. During a consultation session, you will have plenty of space to ask your questions. The conversation takes place via an online video call or at our training location in Amsterdam.

What to expect?

The interview is a chance to get insight and advice in about 30 minutes on:

Next steps

If you decide you want to get rid of stuttering, start a clear and transparent process without long waiting lists. We make sure you can start quickly at a time that is convenient for you.

Start transforming your life today. Take control and schedule your free consultation session:

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Del Ferro bij Humberto

Heb je Ingrid en Dennis gehoord bij Humberto op NPO Radio 1?

Volg exact dezelfde stappen als Lutsharel Geertruida en word ook stottervrij!

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