Dr J.C.J. van Hemert conducted research on the Del Ferro method

Neurologist Dr J.C.J. van Hemert, then attached to the Maria Foundation in Haarlem, was the first to test Len Del Ferro’s hypothesis.

Van Hemert’s scientific research shows, with the help of X-rays and others, that the diaphragm muscle makes uncontrolled movements during stuttering. This severely disrupts airflow, resulting in exhaled air passing the vocal cords in fits and starts. Stuttering speech is the result. Van Hemert wrote:

When I first spoke to Leonard del Ferro about his method and its application, the quote from the stutterer Nuttall came to mind: ‘Whoever finds the solution to the problem of stuttering will also have found the solution to the rest of humanity’s problems.’ Although this statement mainly expressed the distress of an individual patient, it clearly indicated that many attempts to solve the stuttering problem did not yield the desired result. The wide range of therapies developed to treat this disability appears to be a consequence of the lack of agreement, as to what stuttering actually is.

The Del Ferro method was not developed according to any of the conventional theories on the causes of stuttering. This method assumes the physical reality of people who stutter. Her premise is that physical functioning affects emotional life and self-esteem.

The special feature of the Del Ferro method is its mainly physical approach, through training of the diaphragm, also called diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle plate that forms the separation between the thoracic and abdominal cavities. In this context, I refer to observations by radiologist H.A.S. Lemmers and other research on Leonard Del Ferro’s discovery. The Del Ferro method has been scientifically scrutinised in several universities and hospitals. The research I led myself included studying the diaphragm, under X-ray screening, of people who stutter and do not stutter. This revealed that the diaphragm of stutterers makes irregular movements while speaking. It also revealed that a person who stutters tries to speak and breathe in simultaneously, which is impossible even for the non-stuttering.

Application of the Del Ferro method teaches that control of the diaphragm can lead to healing of stuttering. It is remarkable that many stutterers, who had undergone a multitude of therapies without actual results, achieved immediate success with this method. Almost all people treated at the Del Ferro Institute show a marked improvement within just a few days.

Conclusion: the Del Ferro method gives many tens of thousands of Dutch stutterers – not to mention many hundreds of thousands in the rest of the world – a real prospect of a definitive solution to their problem.

Findings neurosurgeon Dr de Grood

Dr de Grood, neurosurgeon, wrote:

The undersigned declares, that for several years he and colleague M. Verpalen, pulmonologist in Tilburg, have scientifically followed the Del Ferro method for treatment of stuttering.

The conclusions are:

Del Ferro’s method relies on training the diaphragm, teaching random control of the contractions of this muscle.

It has been shown, that after treatment with the Del Ferro method, involuntary muscle contractions disappeared.

Based on these data provided by other researchers, including prof. Macklem of Montreal, have been confirmed, we can conclude that the Del Ferro treatment is a good method on medical grounds when treating stutterers.

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