Stutter therapy and breathing therapy for former students

completely stutter-free speaking

Deepen and renew your speaking skills

Welcome back to Del Ferro

You have previously discovered and experienced the unique power of stutter-free speaking with the Del Ferro method. Are you ready to continue this journey and take you or your child’s speaking skills to the next level?

We understand that the road to automatic fluent and confident speaking is a process of learning, practising and sometimes rediscovering.

Especially for you, we have put together some carefully designed packages. Whether you need a refresher on your breathing technique or want to immerse yourself in the mental aspects of speaking without stuttering. We are ready to guide you towards realising your dream: speaking without barriers.

Stutter-free speaking with training that suits your needs

The courses are designed with flexibility, so there is always an option available to suit your personal needs:

If you want to work 1-on-1 on specific aspects of your speaking skills, the half-hour online video call with one of our stutter therapists is the right choice. The price is €60.-.

If you would like to work on your speaking skills in multiple sessions, we offer a flexible subscription. You have a choice of four 30-minute sessions or eight 15-minute sessions. Private aftercare takes place via online video calls with one of our stutter therapists. You pay a total of €205.-.

2-day in-depth course

The course focuses on improving your speaking technique. The training takes place at our institute in Amsterdam under the guidance of one of our stutter therapists.

4 private coaching sessions

Further personal development is at your fingertips with 4 individual 30-minute online video sessions. These provide an opportunity to discuss your progress and help you automatically become fluent in any speaking situation.

The investment for this package is €1,055. We will be happy to advise you on your options for reimbursement.

2-day in-depth course

The course focuses on the mental aspect. Stutter therapist and breathing specialist Ingrid Del Ferro will lead the training with another trainer at our training location in Amsterdam.

Since 2013, Ingrid has worked intensively with psychotherapist and meditation teacher Eva Wolf and has been trained by her in attention training and non-dual coaching. Ingrid has seamlessly integrated this mental aspect into the physical components of stutter therapy.

Aftercare day

This day contributes to automatically learning to speak fluently as a natural part of your daily life.

The investment in this package is €1,055. We will be happy to advise you on your options for reimbursement.

Rediscover the annually updated stutter therapy with a 5-day training course led by one of our experienced stutter therapists.

For more flexibility, we also offer a 4-day variant, which you can take through our private course, which can take place either online or at your preferred location.

Investment starts at €2,395.-. We are ready to inform you about the options for reimbursement of these costs.

Find out how we can help you speak stutter-free: schedule a free consultation

Find out which training suits your or your child’s current needs. In a no-obligation personal conversation, we will jointly explore the best ways to guide you further. One of our experienced stutter therapists will be on hand to answer all your questions.

This enlightening conversation, which lasts about 30 minutes, can take place online via video call or physically at our training location in Amsterdam.

You have previously taken the bold step towards fluent speaking. We are happy to support you in further refining and strengthening your speaking skills. Our team members are constantly expanding their expertise. All the knowledge and insights on stutter-free speaking they are happy to share with you.

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